Caught in The Middle (sort of)


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I received a frantic voice mail from my mother at 6 a.m. this morning. It amounted to call me a.s.a.p. urgent. I called back expecting some horrible tragic news. It would seem that she had an unpleasant encounter with my 66 year old brother. He is a drug addict who has shifted his addiction from heroin to religion. It is a strange cult like group who feel they are the only people who can save the world from their wicked ways. My mother is a 90 something active alcoholic who thrives on hostility. Apparently she decided to bait him into a religious debate last night while deep into her cup. The result involved the police threatening to lock my mother up if she did not stop swinging at my brother ( I'm trying really hard not to laugh my @$$ off over that visual.) I listened respectfully and said nothing. My phone is now off due to the never ending voice mails from the both of them trying to get me to side with them. Geesh high school drama at its worse. Lord help me.


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Wow. Family drama is remarkable isn't it? Sorry you had to be pulled into it, but you sound as if you have a good perspective (laughing your @ss off!) and you are keeping yourself out of it.

Go enjoy your day, have as much fun as you can......(that's my new choice in just about everything now!)


I'm sorry for the drama you don't need in your day. Because I am not emotionally attached to either person, I found myself chuckling when I read it I'm sorry to say.

My mother, when she was alive, and my Difficult Child, at about age 13, used to fight very intensely--- they called it "venting". I was shocked and horrified by it. There were times they would call me at work, in the midst of such a fight (never physical), and then they would set the phone down without without hanging up, preventing me from calling back. So I called the police to go over there and check to make sure no one had been hurt. Yes, it was that intense and I could not say who was in more danger, my mom or son.

They stopped calling me at work though.


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Oh my gosh I can't even imagine! I see images of a Jerry Springer show. Good that you can look at it with humor and remain on the sidelines!

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That's a terrible story! What in the world. Police and a 90 year old?!?

Well, at least she is good and strong.

What do you think will happen next, pasa?



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Cedar, My brother is 6'5. My mother is 5'7 and 90 pounds dripping wet. I don't know why my brother did not get in his truck and just leave. My mother has been hostile towards all of us since we were born. She is that person who sees the negative in everyone and then picks at it and picks at it until you just want to scream. When she is drunk, which is all the time, she is even worse. I avoid her like the plague. Unfortunately, her drinking has gotten to the point that stopping would kill her.


My grandmother was the same way. I always thought why did God reward her with such a longtime, but then I thought maybe that was her time to change.

She never did...was caught attempting to poison her children...she isolated. Her youngest son lived near and kept an eye on her...she passed.

I only met her a few times in my life e, but my mother would offer her support, it had to give her forgiveness at death...

I don't even know if alcohol made her crazy, or she would have been anyways. don't need drama!

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Pasa, after reading this I am amazed that you are such a kind and level headed person. You are a survivor, that is for sure. Hugs to you. I am glad you are not allowing them to pull you into their drama.
More hugs,