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Hi, everyone, I haven't posted in a while although I've been tempted to. Just didn't want to jinx it lol. My son spent 10 days in detox in St. Augustine, Florida, and two days after discharge was able to get a bed in the rehab at the same facility. He was discharged from that today and has already been transferred to a sober living home there in St. Augustine. It's a 6-month program but can be longer if needed. They will work with him on the rent for the first 3 or so weeks...and he has a pool cleaning/maintenance job lined up which he will start sometime between Thursday and next Monday. His rent is $160 a week, and once he starts getting a paycheck he will pay $200 a week until his back rent is paid.

It's hard for me to hold out a lot of hope but there is a different feel this time, enough to make me hopeful that this time he means business, while acknowledging and realizing that it could go up in smoke (no pun intended) in a week or two. And at our last family session, which my husband was able to participate in, we told my son that after all the time, money, and emotion we've invested in him since November, this is really his last chance, and that if he blows it this time we are done. I was afraid he would react negatively. But he didn't take it that way, and his counselor said it was an entirely reasonable boundary to set. I think it helped that I worded it in terms of "I really feel like this time is different and you sound determined to work it...but if you screw up, then here's what will happen..."

His good friend is going up today to bring him his medications and a few other things he needs, and then he and I are going up on Sunday to spend the day in Old Town with my son. I love St. Augustine and if you've ever been there you'll know why. Spending an afternoon there with my son should be a real treat!


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Great news. I hope that things work out this time. Your boundaries are mandatory. Stay strong.