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    How the he-double hockeysticks is ANYBODY worth tens of millions of dollars a year even if the company doesn't go belly-up? As far as I am concerned, it is obscene.
  3. klmno

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    Yeah- it's beyond "out-of-hand"- which is exactly why I worry about just turning huge amounts of money over to these people. They think we (the general public) got in over our heads by spending more than we could afford? Most people who did that were mis-lead by realtors or lenders- what these people are doing just has no excuse, in my humble opinion.
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    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is worth that much money, even if the company is making money! But to pay these millions to the very people who ran a company in to the ground is just obscene!

    In the 'real world', if you had a business and then ran that company badly and it went belly up, that would be just your tough luck! Nobody would be paying you millions to leave or bailing your hindend out of the mess you created!
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    That's right Donna- and it might be the person that ran the business in the ground who had to pay off the debts! These politicians want to talk about small business- well, small business doesn't work that way- at least none that I've worked for.
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    They passed the bailout. It has provisions for solar power panels. I'm not kidding.
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    I haven't read the article, but they were talking about it at work yesterday. Is it true that the CEO only worked there 3 weeks? If so...I want that job. I'll run it into the ground in one day.

  8. klmno

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    One good thing added to the bailout package- somehow they stuck legislation in all the other stuff that went to the senate that will require insurance companies to provide mental health insurance to the same degree as the physical health insurance.

    Abbey, one CEO worked 18 days and left with around $13.7 million.