Changing medication dosage/weekend breaks

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by whatamess, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong. I am under the impression that weekend/summer breaks from ritalin is not harmful. Also, ritilin is absorbed and processed in the body within hours, so it is not possible to bring it to a therapeutic level. Changes in dosing every few days will not have a harmful effect because there is no 'building up' to it. Are these statements correct for ritalin?
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    I am not sure about Ritalin, but my doctor recommends breaks on the weekends and vacation. My son takes Adderall.
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    There is technically a "therapeutic dose" for every kid. In other words, there is a dose that works optimally for every child. You often find that dose through trial and error. Too little Ritalin won't help the child pay attention or be less hyperactive, and too much Ritalin will cause him to hyperfocus or be too withdrawn.

    When my son was on Concerta (long-acting Ritalin), we often took weekend and summer breaks because he was inattentive and truly needed Concerta for school days only. But some children need stimulants to function in their daily lives and use stimulants year round. It really is a decision best made by parents with the advice of the prescribing doctor. I don't think there is "one-size-fits-all" decision when it comes to stimulant use.
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    easy child was on Ritalin for ADHD. He did take breaks on weekends and vacations. The only effect was that he could no longer pay attention as well and became unfocused. That was OK with us as he did not need to be focused when not at school. But, he is a easy child. I think some difficult child might be more sensitive to medication changes and every child is a little different. It would probably be safe to skip Ritalin for one weekend and see how your child reacts. You should also check with his Dr.
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    We give difficult child a break on the weekends with his Concerta and we do not give him his medications all summer. He is way more impulsive but as long as he is not in a school setting I can manage him.