is it safe to take a break from ADHD medications?

Haven't posted here in a while. Last time I asked about adderall. It's not that he is on, it's the pill form of procentra. It's called dextro something. Since we've started crushing up the abilify instead of the liquid, he seems to tolerate it much better. He is doing much better in school. Is it safe to give him a break from the adhd medication on weekends and holidays? The teacher said it really helps him focus. I've given it to him at home and I can't tell a difference with or without it. He takes such a small dose. He takes 2.5 mg in the am and 2.5 mg after lunch. I forgot to bring this up at his last psychiatric appointment. Since school is almost over, is this something I have to give during the summer. He is going to a different school next year, so we will see how he does without it. Another thing that really seems to help him now is giving him melatonin at night. He take 3mg and he is not so sleep at school anymore.


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Is this medication a stimulant? If it is, it seems it is "safe" to take a break from it. In France, the usual pattern is to give stimulants on school days but not on weekends or holidays, though there is some debate about this and a few doctors disagree with the practice. Presumably it is harder to "re-adapt" the medication each Monday morning but against that must be offset the break in side effects and allowing the child maxium chance to grow and sleep normally...


My sons Dr also said it would be safe ( double check as Malika said the type of medication-stimulant or non first and ask) Good luck!


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My son never took his adhd medications on weekends, school breaks, summer, etc. It was important to me that he have it for times he needed to focus, loose some of his impulsivity, etc. Those breaks were the times he made up for losses of appetite on the stims, catching up on his sleep by sleeping an extra hour or two on weekend mornings etc.

The only exception to the rule was the concerts he took the first two years. He showed some signs of increased aggitation for the first couple days so I would give it to him a couple days early when returned after summer or long breaks like at Christmas. Other than that, it was only for school days.

Some docs do recommend the child continues to take it like clockwork on weekends and holidays. My pediatrician gave it to her some 7/352. But with an in and out medication like stimulant, I felt the freedom to make a choice I felt was best for my difficult child.