Cheap birthday party idea for summer

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Seems like there are a lot of summer bdays around.

    The party that the kids AND parents liked best is one we have done several times - mo matter the theme the kids picked.

    Our city has a very nice pool. Rates are very affordable. MOST of my kids' friends have passes every year, though I never ever counted on that.

    There is a lovely park with roughly 8 picnic areas around it.

    We go to the park for cake, presents (if brought - always optional), a pinata or treasure hunt. Then we go to the pool. I have only had ONE where parents didn't stay to go swimming and that was with preteens.

    We ended up with very affordable food/drink costs, the pinatas have been kept and used to decorate rooms (they make great wall hangings or look nice from a ceiling hook), and at our pool it is family name - 4 people, so any 4 people with the family can come in.

    Esp when it is the kids from church it makes a wonderful family evening (if done for the evening swim).

    I would caution to check to see if a daycare is planned to come that day for afternoon times!!

    I have been thinking through all the past birthday parties today. I esp liked this one because there was NO house cleaning!!!

    This year Jess can have friends to the pool, but no big party. She is getting an hour of studio time to record a song. We have a friend who will play the music for an affordable price. She is thinking about music as a career, so this will be fun. But the cost will be roughly what we pay for a party and some smaller presents, so this is IT. But she will get a family dinner at Gmas, and something with husband's parents.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Great idea! It reminds me of two similar birthday parties we had planned for easy child. I think they would have been perfect had it not been for the fact that both times we had it planned (several years apart) the temps only got into the 60s. Go figure! Still think we may try it for difficult child some year though!

    The no clean up at home thing is a great bonus!
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    We arent doing ours at the pool but are doing it at a local park. We dont have a community pool...well...I take that back...there is one but its kinda far away. This local park does offer swimming in the lake but we arent going to use that part this year because of the age of the birthday she is terrified of

    We are just doing burgers, hot dogs (or dadogs in keyana language), chips, drinks and the birthday cake. I may even throw in her new favorite food...pickles! If I get real industrious this week I might make a pinata but dont count on it. Cory wanted to buy one shaped like Elmo but it was 20 bucks and I just couldnt see the expense. Maybe I can find a cheapie at the dollar

    I dont even think we are going to have much in the way of games considering she is only 2! Good grief...what games do 2 year olds play? I personally think Cory is going wayyyyyy overboard on this but hey...she is his only daughter. I guess its better that he wants to be involved than he didnt give a rats behind. He has invited everyone he ever knew so far to this shindig. She may end up with more presents for her birthday than she did for
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Janet, what if you buy a mylar balloon with-Elmo on it and then glue it and some twists of colored tissue onto a suitably sized cardboard box? The balloon would only be a couple of bucks, same with the tissue, and you can probably find a box for free somewhere. You just need some glue and then CORY can do the rest!