chiropractic care for sensory child


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hello all i am new here and would like to introduce myself i am 26 yr old mom to 2 boys Riley is 5 and Jaden is 3.8. Riley has been recieving speech for 2 yrs and Occupational Therapist (OT) for 1 yr. i have decided to take him to a chiropractor. He has never been diagnosed with anything but having sensory issues!!! the more nad more i read i could self diagnos him! he is going to his reg peds also next week. has any one in here had any luck with chiro's for kids?


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I haven't but I've run into several parents on line who felt their children's speech issues improved. I have no explanation for that--perhaps it was hearing related.

Welcome and let us know how it turns out.


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My nephew has big-time sensory issues and he is very delayed in his speech. I know he goes to a chiropractor but my sister-in-law doesn't talk about it. Sorry I wish I knew more.