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    My beautiful dog Chloe is so wonderful. She is the one that tore her ACL. She is stubborn about getting help up and down the steps. She lays down when you come to help her. Like when your small child throws himself/herself on the floor like a noodle and their 20 pounds is more like 100 pounds. If we forget to put the gate across othe steps ont he deck she will haul off and jump (on her three legs). She is just so amazing. I swear she can read my mind.

    Tonight we found a big lump under her front arm (leg). Towards her belly side. Like a hard boiled egg. That size, that feeling. Now what?
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    {{kjs}} I'm so sorry things are going so poorly for Chloe. Are you taking her to the vet today? Please let us know what they say. Hugs~1
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    I'm sorry for Cloe - I think a vet should have found that on her last exam all that feeling around her legs and shoulders and such.

    I think I'd get the doctor on the phone and see what he says.

    Our furchildren are nothing short of amazing!!!

    Were you able to build her a ramp yet?

    Hugs to you both
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    Is she elderly? It could be a benign fatty tumor. They come and go. Not to worry. :)