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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by HaoZi, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Ended up with more under the tree than I expected, even if a number of those were from people I wasn't expecting them from or small things and IOUs wrapped in toilet paper rolls and prettied up. Kiddo was like "I wanted a simple Christmas". Now this same child that has such a hard time picking up her stuff, on Christmas and birthdays, will want to clean up after EVERY present before she opens the box it's in. Weird. Anyway, got through most of the morning okay, a few bumps when it came time to get dressed and go to a co-worker's for her family get-together that we were invited to. Minor argument over whether or not to let kiddo take her DSI with her. I gave in, telling her that if something happened to it she was NOT to whine to me about it, her responsibility.

    Had a GREAT time over there, she happily played with the other kids and shared her DSI and didn't whine too much about food she didn't want. I had a great time socializing with other adults (rare occurrence, I don't socialize much outside of work). All in all, I can't complain. Kiddo got the "big family Christmas" she wanted (even if it wasn't ours), and behaved so well, I think she was the only kid that didn't get yelled at at one point or another by someone.

    She's much less anxious this morning than she has been for the last few weeks, but it's cleaning day (a big stickler for her), so we'll see how today goes. She's helped clean some of yesterday's mess without too much fuss, but is demanding more attention and the constant interruptions keep me from getting things done and up my frustration level, so I'll be working on that.
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    Sounds like things went really well. Holidays are often really difficult days for our kids because the changes in routine pile on top of excitement and anxiety. The fact that difficult child didn't get yelled at when most every other kid did at some time or other is a HUGE deal! Speaks of real progress in controlling herself, so I hope she can be proud of herself!!

    Cleanup is always tough. Wanting to clean up before taking the gift out of the box is cute!! Reminds me of one of my cousins. His first 2 Christmases wound up taking 2 entire days to unwrap all his presents. What took so long was that each toy had to be unwrapped, explored and then introduced to all his other toys (I do mean ALL of them, lol) and he had to explore how they worked with or fit in with the other toys before he was able to move on to open the next gift. It literally took him almost 14 hours of doing this to get them all opened.

    I hope that you can have a low stress day today.
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    glad you two had a great xmas!
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    I'm glad Christmas went so well. I always like the song, "If there ever was a time to lighten up, it's Christmas." Sounds like you had a good one. Enjoy.