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    I saw the first woman listed in this article on The Daily Show last night and looked it up today. This is an horrific abuse of power. Don't ever take cash with you anywhere, and don't ever let your kid in your house if you think they're up to anything illegal or "have the appearance of someone who might do something illegal" ie: poor and/or brown.
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    This is something that needs to be fixed from the top down. I knew a woman in SC who lost her car because her son was caught either doing drugs or selling them while driving her car.

    I have told and told Tony not to carry his paycheck money in his pocket with him because he gets paid in cash and its almost always in hundreds and twenties. Well he gets paid in a check but they cash them all at the little store where they all meet up for the vans.

    We also have those police vehicles here with that saying about how it used to be a drug car but now it was the cops.

    Oh and simply speaking of idiotic cops, on the way to Jamie's this past week Tony had a flat tire in the truck. He had Cory and McKenzie with him. Of course the spare was also blown but he took off walking with it trying to find some place to get a tire. He walked well over a mile when a very nice Mexican man stopped and asked what the problem was. He told him and the guy drove him another 20 miles to the closest exit where someone could help. That was so nice of him.

    Now what really ticks me off is that Cory had the hood up on the car and blankets thrown over it and the roof of the car to block the sun to try to keep the truck cooler. 5 state troopers passed him and never stopped. Tony had told Cory that a cop should soon stop and for him to tell them his dad was walking towards Emporia to get a tire. Not one stopped. It used to be that they always stopped. This has happened before to Tony on the work van and always the cops have stopped to take him. I plan to send an anonymous letter to the state police complaining.