Cleansing day for colonoscopy UPDATE

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. mstang67chic

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    This Saturday I have the immense pleasure ( :crazy2: ) of experiencing a colonoscopy. The procedure itself I basically know what to expect. Friday however, is my "cleansing" day and I'll be at work. I have to take 2 Dulcolax in the morning and I'm just wondering if anyone else has taken this stuff. (The REALLY fun stuff I don't have to take till I get home) I told my boss what was going on and warned him that I didn't know how useful I would be on Friday. Is this stuff pretty fast acting and how long does it "last"?

  2. It wasn't so fast for me, but once it kicked in - it was pretty much hanging out in the john. I'm not sure I would expect to work the full day. It's drinking all that awful stuff that is the worst part! The procedure itself is really not bad at all.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Fortunately I don't have to drink the really nasty stuff till I get home. I bought it all today and that bottle of Gatoraide just keeps getting bigger each time I look at it. Blech :ill:
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    My girlfriend just had this done last week and she said she couldn't even leave the bathroom. I'm assuming that is the one you are calling the fun stuff that you don't have to take until you get home. that sounds like a good thing because I don't think you would even make it home from work after taking that one. What does the first one do??
  5. mstang67chic

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    The dulcolax is supposedly a "gentle" laxative. I'm just curious about it as I've never taken one before. The other stuff is something that normally you only take one dose during the day. (17 grams) I have to mix 320 grams with gateraide and drink 8 oz at a time every 10-15 minutes till it's gone. So yeah, that's probably what your friend was talking about. Hope husband and difficult child don't have to use the bathroom! lol
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    I just had this done as well, I had to endure 2 days of cleansing the first day took care of it ALL, by dy 2 I had nothing left but still couldnt leave the bathroom, all I did was cry. I would see if you could take Friday off as well, you never know what to expect and how awful it would be if it did act fast and you were at work.

    Good Luck

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    I dont have to have a colonoscopy but I am having a horrible problem with becoming extremely blocked up shall we say. I have ended up in the ER twice thinking that I was either having a cyst on an ovary or my gallbladder was hot and all they could find was that I was full of POOP! I have tried to take the lovely pericolace pills and they simply dont help much.

    Tell ya what...if you tell me what is in that stuff that you mix with the gatoraide...I will keep ya company on I think it would do me good to just clean everything on out. They did tell me to go buy a bottle of magnesium citrate (either lemon or cherry) drink it and then take two capfull's of milk of magnesia followed by the hottest water I could drink. Supposedly that would make me go.

    Havent tried that one yet either.
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    Good luck, My sense is that the ducolax won't have a major impact unless you have a very sensitive system. I had some action from the magnesium citrate--think I had to take two bottles of it several hours apart. The first round didn't do too much second bottle of it worked ok. To make a long story short, I got to the colon. next day only to wake up to find out tht they couldn't finish it because I wasn't sufficiently cleaned out. So back home for another day of lovely mag. citrate and had a second colonopscopy the day after. A thoroughly bad experience, only made worse by the fact that they discovered a big old polyp so I was back in the hospital a week later (after a nother cleanout) to get part of my colon removed. Good news is that it wasn't cancer.

    Anyway, good luck the procedure was painless--I told them I did not want to be conscious--but the cleanout was a pain. Get some baby wipes, your butt will need them. Also use some vaseline. Just remember it is for a good cause and if you are spending all the time in the bathroom, you are probably getting really good and cleaned out!
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    I posted twice to this last night. And both times it has disappeared, I shall try one more time. ??
    My husband just recently went thru this and he had two bottles to take. Within a 1/2 of the first one he was in the bathroom and never left all night. Good luck to you.
  10. WhymeMom?

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    I really should get one of these, I have put it off for about 6 years. My husband had one and the cleanout phase was awkward....he isn't all that sensitive with the laxative, but once he took the gatoraid and bottle of stuff it was definately bathroom time....I would get vaseline and definately OLD underwear that you were going to throw out anyway.....and not to get too graphic but would think about a pad for the bed as sheets might be involved......
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: WhymeMom?</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I would get vaseline and definately OLD underwear that you were going to throw out anyway.....and not to get too graphic but would think about a pad for the bed as sheets might be involved......

    </div></div> guys are just sooooooo encouraging!!! :rofl:

    To whoever was having contipation problems, the stuff I have to mix and drink tonight is called Miralax. The main ingredient in it is Polyethylene Glycol and it's a once daily thing. It's in powder form and you can dissolve it in anything according to the label. If a once a day dosage of 17g is supposed to work, I'm sure that 300 and some grams is going to be oh so pleasant.

    I hit the library and also picked up another book at Walmart so I think if it have that with me and maybe a foot stool (stool! hahahahahah.....oh sorry. Getting a bit twisted in anticipation) to prop my feet on I should be good. husband and difficult child however may have to go elsewhere to use the facilities though. *snort* (I can see them knocking on the neighbor's door. "Um yeah, Becky just took a months worth of laxatives and we don't think she's coming out of the bathroom anytime soon. Can we use yours?")

    So far the Dulcolax hasn't done anything and it's been almost 2 hours. I'm supposed to be at work in just over an hour so hopefully something happens quick! LOL
  12. hearts and roses

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    Janet, the magnesium citrate will definitely get you 'moving'.

    Also, you can take a calcium/magnesium supplement with a large glass of water and by morning, you will be ready to go. I take it the entire week before my period and it helps me with cramps big time.
  13. wakeupcall

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    I had this done the end of May. I didn't find it was so horrible at all. Now, don't think I'd rather NOT, but mother died of colon cancer so I can't be too careful. The stuff to drink was yukky tasting, but it also didn't make me RUN for the bathroom. I didn't find the Dulcolax was a great mover. It'll be fine and I honestly think work will be okay for a few hours. I'm proud of you for having it done. I procrasinated WAY longer than I should have and now that it's done, I'm thrilled with the outcome....not even ONE polyp was found! I must be doing something right! Good luck!!
  14. SRL

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    The colonoscopy wasn't so bad but I could have done without the display of vintage (translation: huge!) endoscopes hanging on the wall of the office as you enter the procedure area!
  15. susiestar

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    I wish you luck with this today. I can remember my mom's 1st one - truly painful ( not the scoping itself, just the cleaning out prior). She had some sort of reaction to the stuff you drank then (20 yrs or more ago) so she barfed and pottied! I think my dad almost got a hotel room because the noises from the bathroom grossed him out so badly!!

    She says the miralax stuff is WAY better! She always has the doctor let her watch the somputer screen while they are doing it - too much for me!!

    I was just proud to get the other end scoped this year! (Of course we had stomach virus during it, isn't it just my luck?) If I have to do the other end I will get a hotel room. (The doctor is 75 miles away!)

    IF you can send someone out, diaper ointment with simethicone or dimethicone OR the monistat chafing relief ointment are supposed to make everything much easier. Or at least not as rubby.

    You deserve a nice treat after this, whatever tickles your fancy after you recover!

  16. mstang67chic

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    For whoever said they were proud of me for having this done.......thanks but I'm not doing it willingly! LOL There have been issues and the doctor ordered it.

    As for the treat..........I've been thinking on that. husband has been giggling and making jokes all week so he's going to owe me!!!! LOL :smile: :flower: :bath: :reading: Dinner........books..........SOMETHING.

    I'm so hungry right now I just want it over so I can stop at Fazolis and pig out on their breadsticks!!!
  17. WhymeMom?

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    I'm having a glass of wine in your honor.....from all the replies I now remember why I keep forgetting to make an appointment for myself........
  18. DDD

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    The procedure has never been a problem for anyone in our family
    but the prep is really really difficult for me. The smell and
    taste of the "stimulant" medications makes me barf...literally. There
    are pills that some MDs prescribe and I swear I am going to
    insist on that next time.

    on the other hand, here are two thoughts for after you leave the hospital.
    First...sit on a towel or a newspaper in the car on the way home
    just to be safe. I picked up a friend and drove her home a few
    years ago. She had no idea that there was a problem (still doesn't) but I had to take the car to get professionally cleaned. will sleep like a peaceful newborn baby when you
    get home again. Enjoy the zzzzzzzzz's. DDD
  19. mstang67chic

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    Had the procedure yesterday and there were no problems. I was peacefully out before they did a thing. They didn't find anything at all wrong except for a "slight" complication from the prep. There is a blood vessel issue (and by small I mean the size of Rhode Island). They wanted to cut it out while I was out but husband was't sure if insurance would cover it or not so we are trying other options to make it go away. I did sleep a good 4 hours once I got home and then had no problems going to sleep later that night. Just the whole Rhode Island thing has been quite the experience.

    LOL And my poor sis in law. She took me because husband had to work. So she was the lucky one who got to see the picture of R.I. I think I owe her dinner too! Although I did make her stop at IHOP afterwards so I could eat and I bought so maybe we're even now.

    Thanks for all of the advice. I was stupid and didn't get baby wipes before hand but I'm off to get some now! :faint:
  20. skeeter

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    we call these my husband's "photo opportunities". His mother passed away from colon cancer before age 60, so it's probably hereditary in his family. When he had his first scope, they found "growth areas" (not polyps) and he first had to go back every 3 months, then 6 months, then a year, and now we are up to 3 years. His doctor gets a kick out of showing me the photos -and going so far as to show me the "tattoos" he put at the spots he removed tissue!!!!

    My dad also died from mastisized colon cancer (it wound up hitting his liver, lungs and spine) but he was much older, so it's not the hereditary kind. But I'm also getting to the age I really should have at least a baseline done.

    Yeah - it's not pleasant, but it IS necessary. I'm glad they didn't find anything on yours.