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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 6, 2008.

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    i'm teling you i do have a black cloud. as many of you know from earlier posts i had scheduled a neuropysch evaluation. at columbia hospital in new york.

    ok i booked hotels, had many many conversations with columbia regarding it.

    today i get a phone call from columbia the dr who was to do teh testing that they messed up and only had my daughter scheduled for a pyschological evaluatoin that the person the one who called me is not a neuro pysch that she isn't board certified is just a clinical pyshc.

    oh my god is all i have to say. so now i'm totally ****** off i have to cancel hotel reservations and will be charged for it. i am on phone now trying to book another appointment with someone else.

    what is wrong with people reallly what is wrong with them i really have to wonder

    so so so mad right now

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    if i did my job this way i would of been fired 4 years ago. how is it people are so completely incompetent, how I just would like to know.

    we are talking multiple conversations, emails, etc. back and forth giving them boyfriend's credit card was the only way they'd let me do payment arrangement. it's unbelieveable to say the least.

    i'd truly love to know if there is a job out there to be an advocate for parents like us that have difficult situations to deal with adn don't have the time to go thru all this nightmare stuff. that would be a good job for me. because it is so wrong that they do this to us i'm sure i'm not the first one with whom is experiencing this.

    so i made back up appointment with another outside neuro guy it's for friday. incase columbia messed up unfortunatle i lost her number, addy, etc so i'm on phone with-peditricians office now to figure out hopefully who it is i'm supposed to be seeing

    sorry i'm rambling i'm severely irritated right now i could scream
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    Lord knows what these people are thinking! At least they called you before you came! It sounds like the scheduler doesn't know her job one bit. I'd make sure that they know about it. It's not fair to make a struggling family pay for her incompetence by having to reschedule everything. It's not like you're the first person in the world (or the last) who ever came in from out of town for an appointment and had to book air and a hotel!

    I grind my teeth pretty severely, and from time to time I grind a hole in my canine tooth. I had an appointment. with the dentist about a month out and called to see if they could add time to replace the small filling I had in there. So, the first thing the snotty appointment. lady does is cancel my appointment. for cleaning, then look for another appointment., but can't find one for three months, so I told her to never mind, I'd have to wait. My cleaning appointment. comes along, I show up, and there's no one there to take care of me. Snotty appointment. lady says "well, you wanted to do them both at the same time, so I canceled." Idiot! Next time around, I called to reschedule for some reason, and began to explain what I needed. Snotty lady interrupts me and says "Excuse me, but what exactly is it you want anyway?" I told my hygienist about these situations the next time I was in, and I never saw the woman again. She had been there for years.
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    Funny, I was saying the exact same thing about mail order prescriptions after 4 hours on the phone to deal with 3 refills yesterday... Let's see. Four hours to pay $47 for three months worth of medications, or bring it to the corner store and have one month filled for $300+. There must be a job in this somewhere.
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    i'm telling you there must be. i am so ready to kick some major *ss between the school staff and their relentless bs of what i should and shouldn't do, columbia creating this unnecessary mess. there really has to be a job in this. i'd love to attack these people everyday i truly would. i was just about to give them boyfriend's credit card number to charge the 5k
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    Jen, I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I am not sure where you are located, but I know a few neuropsychs in CT. I work in the Rehab department at a hospital and I have 2 neuropsychs that do consults for us here and also have private practices. Let me know if you want any additional info. Hang in there.
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    now locked down back up appointment. already don't likethem. it starts on friday. their are already telling me that i have to bring my difficult child to each appointment. due to insurance reasons. what jerks.

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    friday is the parent interview it's supposed to be me and doctor's now she's going to be sitting there hearing all the weird stuff adn words like bi polar, etc.

    hate that
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    yes i would like those if you don't mind. i'd stay in hotel out there i'm desperate

    thank u thank u