comeatheheart - HOW IS IT TODAY? Update please

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Star*, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Star* call 911

    Saw where yesterday was pretty rough for you and difficult child (and little brother who was choked)

    Wanted to know if you took him to the ER, and what was the diagnosis.

    Stay strong!

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    Gosh, thanks for checking in on us.

    I talked with husband and we just couldn't bring ourselves to take him to the ER at this point. It's been too long since the incident occurred. I can just see me saying "Um yeah, my son choked his brother last week and tried to drug his other brother last year.... :doctor: We will definitely be going to the next level when it happens again. Geez, that sounds awful too! I don't want it to happen again , obviously. We are taking precautions and do not leave difficult child alone with any of our other children.

    We will be seeking a 2nd opinion as soon as I can figure out where to take him. I got some suggestions from one of you before. They weren't close, but at this point, I suppose I can drive an hour if they will be the best person for our child.

    You know there's a problem when you flinch as you walk through the detectors at the front of stores and consider locking your door at night while you're sleeping. Summers are always the worst for difficult child and with it approaching quickly we definitely need to get some better help and soon.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Welcome back!

    You know of's not HIM that flinches, and the sooner you get HIM in some type of therapy the better off you ALL will be. Therapy doesn't necessarily have to be talk therapy. Although in my opinion that's what helped us the most. Family, individual and me therapy. But if you have a child that isn't resistant to sports? I'd wear him out. I'd have him in things so often it wouldn't give him a time to have down time or time around sibs. I would also make sure he was introduced to a BIG Brother program that had specializations with kids who had anger issues. someone that could see/stop these emotions before they started, or a therapist that could help him with anger management and treatments or alternatives. it helped our son TONS. Learn to say - walk it off - and communicate effectively with me - instead of - pounding holes in the wall.

    It isn't fool-proof - but it helps him even today at 20. I won't say he's still not going to put a fist through a wall - because he will. But the alternative is he isn't putting his fist through a face, and going to jail and he knows how to walk away, or go for a walk, or go for a ride, or just go away. HUGE improvement.