Coming Home to Live- Oh My

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I have not been able to get in but have been reading and praying for all. I can only get in I found out from one computer at work that I use. difficult child left the group home 2 mos before turning 18yr. There was nothing they could do as it was not locked or forced place, he had to agree to be there. He dropped out of highschool, only has about 9 credits and began working for $7.50 per hour. He got in accident in 2 of my cars , so I told him I will not let him drive my vehicles. So, he is working in the city trying to save up for car. He turns 18 yr on Nov 29. At that time, he plans to move back with us, he is living with friends now, and says he will take GED prep course in hopes of getting GED in June when his class graduates. This is not the life I had hoped for my difficult child, but I guess this is the life he is choosing. He will work at warehouse for $10.50 while in GED program. I will try letting him live at home, we will see what happens. I can only hope for things to work out well. Please pray. Sharon /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/10-311.gif


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I'm sending you many prayers Sharon. I would set the ground rules and let him know you are serious. He needs to follow your rules, or he's out on his you know what. My mind is yelling, don't let him come back home, but I know sometimes we feel we have no choice :frown:


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A willingness to work and a willingness to get his GED are two huge hurdles that you are overcoming. These are great signs.

Those are mature decisions that difficult child is making. Promote that and try not to dwell on things you cannot personality.


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Maybe being on his own during this time, will lead to a lasting maturity. My philosphy (althought it hasn't worked with my own son), is that if they are making progress, I will help them.