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    I have a 5 yr old who was recently been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. I am also Bipolar. So together that can quite often make for a stressful situation. He's just started medication and it seems to be making a difference, but he still has horribly aggressive outbursts. Sometimes simply shrieking at the top of his lungs, others physically coming after my husband myself or our 3 yr old. We have tried the coping things the counsellor wants us to try (we've been seeing her for 8 months) but nothing seems to work. I actually had to take a video in to show her what he was like because when he's around her or her office he's on his best behaviour. He's like a totally different person. I dont know what else to do for him and I feel like a complete failure as a parent. I'm exhausted at the end of each day physically and emotionally from being blasted all afternoon. Any ideas???? Help!
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    First off {{{Hugs}}}, you aren't alone anymore. May I ask what type of medical professional diagnosis'd your child? Also what type of medication is he taking and is his aggressiveness better or worse since starting it? I'm asking because bipolar is a highly genetic disorder so it may be possible that he isn't suffering from ADHD/ODD but bipolar instead. The other thing that stands out is the shrieking... how is his speech? But I'm just a Mom and I'm certainly not qualified diagnose.

    Have you read The Explosive Child by Ross Greene? It can give you some ideas on how to avoid the meltdowns. There's also a thread at the top of this forum you can check out before you get the book.

    Again, welcome. It can be pretty quiet on a holiday weekend but others will be along.
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    It has been 3 or so years since you posted this.
    What happened?
    How is your child now - and did anything help?