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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Sep 20, 2010.

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    I don't know why but I am not being allowed to log into another website I frequently use. This just started this evening. My PW includes capital letters, lower case letters, and a number. I can't see the PW typed in but have tried it several times just in case I made a mistake. I have noticed that in the area of my keyboard where little lights are sometimes there, no lights are on. The center light is only on when I have my caps locked. The left light is normally on but I don't remember what that means, how to get it turned back on (it hasn't been on this evening so I probably accidentally hit a key that toggles it off), or if this has anything at all to do with what I'm typing is as a PW.

  2. mstang67chic

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    Is your number lock button on?
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  3. flutterby

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    The left light should be the number lock light.
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    That's what I think must be off- is that usually left or right of the cap locks key? Anyway, none of the three lights are on and usually the one on the left is. I'm curious about what it is and which key toggles it. But as far as logging into that other website- I emailed and didn't get a response but it's letting me on now which was the main thing. I had to get a few more things listed to sell in order to pay an upcoming bill.
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    How do I toggle it- and pardon my ignorance but what in the world does that mean anyway? I always got a number unless holding the shift key down at the same time in order to get a symbol...I thought. I'm just an old person who learned the minimal in a typewriting class in high school- yes, a real typewriter. LOL!
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    If you have a ten-key pad (number pad) on your keyboard, that is what the number lock is for - so that it's working the numbers, not the other functions. The number lock button is the top left button of the ten-key pad. If you don't have a ten-key pad then you shouldn't have number lock.
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    I have no idea what a laptop looks like on their keyboard but Im sure if you simply google one it will show you the buttons and what they are for. If you are using a normal keyboard for a desktop easy child, then you have 4 keys coming down the left hand side - tab, caps lock, shift, ctrl. Shift will do a capital letter for you or the symbols above the numbers uptop the row of letters. Caps lock simply means you dont have to hold the shift key down to do a bunch of capital letters. It will not give you all the symbols. ctrl is a whole nother ball game.
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    Thanks, Ladies! Apparently the PW issue had nothing to do with the keyboard settings. I was referring to a easy child keyboard- I guess I should have clarified that- so it does have the number pad on the right side, but I never use it. But I feel a little smarter now after learning what the number lock function does. :)

    I had tried to get used to the laptop keyboard but the way it's situated on a desk that has a keyboard tray below, it just felt too awkward for me to reach it and was very difficult to avoid that touch pad area, so I gave in and connected my old easy child keyboard.