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I was getting concerned about my fourteen year old son. School and all his activities got canceled because we've had devastating flooding here for over a week. When he isn't busy, he gets depressed, has panic attacks, and a nuclear meltdown. There just wasn't anything he could do except study and chat with friends over the phone. At some points the internet was down. All the streets were closed. School is closed. My husband has to work from home. My son was getting really down in the dumps about it all. I've cleaned house until I am so sore I can barely move.

Never doubt my son's will and creativity to help others, especially when it comes to animals. He and his dad have always loved kayaking. A long time ago before my sciatica got so bad, I loved it, too. At 7 a. m. Saturday, my son woke us up and asked his dad if they could get in the kayak and search for abandoned animals Believe it or not, some people who had to evacuate tied their poor animals to trees and decks! My son and hs dad actually paddled around rescuing those animals and took them to the shelter. The ones who didn't have name collars are being kept in our garage. My son used his own money to print colored photos and paddled around ten miles to distribute those fliers! I am ashamed to admit that I would have been too lazy to do all that at fourteen. He thrives in stuff like that.

Also, he and his dad paddled through the yards of people who were stuck in their homes and asked them if they needed groceries, pet food, toilet paper, etc. The rain has finally stopped, so I don't anticipate the garage flooding. We already have six cats and two bunnies, so the the dogs will be going. My son wants to be a veterinarian. His second choice would be to work for a non profit.

I'm not bragging. The reason I am stating all this is because it might help some of the kids you all write about on this forum to do things like this. My son's spirits immediately lifted, like you can't believe when he got to do this! Volunteering and activities like swimming have worked wonders for him.

Unfortunately, more rain is in the way.


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Your son sounds so sweet. I'm glad he was able to turn his depression around. It's also great that at such a young age he feels a calling to help and work with animals. That is awesome!

What state do you live in? I'm on the Alabama coast and we have been having a lot of rain also but it's in the 70's so I'll take it. We are from Chicago and this climate is 100% better than that!