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    Hi everyone !

    I am hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice and feedback on Concerta.

    I will try to make a VERY LONG story short. lol My 10yr old difficult child is on his 3rd medication (diagnosed with ADHD/ODD) We have had minimal benefits with any medication at this point. He is now on 36mg of Concerta and it seems to be helping somewhat with attention and focus. He just finished behavioral therapy after 12mths and we are now going to a neuropsychologist the end of May. His pediatrican and pysch both feel a stimulant is best for him ( I am told his rating scale was very high for ADHD).

    This has been the most discouraging situation and my poor son has such low self esteem and feels that he is so stupid and all his peers hate him. It breaks my heart that a 10 year old has to worry about things such as this.

    I just am concerned that nothing is working for him and I surely know that medications are trial and error but his grades are suffering and his behaviors in the classroom and being noticed by his peers.

    Has anyone gone through a similar situation with your difficult child ??? any feedback would be a comfort. Thanks !:D
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    Similar, how about exact? ;)

    My son is 11, diagnosed ADHD but also Aspergers by a Nueropsych visit last summer. He's been on Concerta for the past 3 years. Just went up to 54mg and haven't seen a huge improvement although he obviously needs it for attention.

    He's depressed, has no friends, etc.

    It's all hit or miss. I'm going to ask his psychiatrist, at his next appointment, to consider putting him on a different stimulant as I've heard others complain that their children seemed to adjust to Concerta over a period of time and it was no longer affective.
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    Kids can have co-morbid conditions along with ADHD. Or stimulants can affect mood negatively. Or both.

    That's why a neuropsychologist evaluation should be helpful in sorting out what steps should be taken next.

    Hang in there.
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    Thank you for responding to my post. It helps to know there are other parents out there going thru similar trials :D