Conduct Disorders ---- stories in here!


My difficult child started going to the principal's office in Kindergarten. It was terrible. But at that time, I just thought he was a hyper little boy who couldn't sit still.
Well, he is a hyper little boy who still can't sit still!! Being sent to the principal's office about 7 times in Kindergarten took quite a toll on me. But, that was just the beginning of a long list of problems with school itself.
Every year though it was the same story: "its not really bad things he is doing, Ms. Arceneaux, it is just that he is so disruptive with his fidgeting and talking and moving around that it disturbs the class and we have to remove him". They never made a real big deal out of it when I would try to discuss it with them. BUT if it wasn't why would he be sent to the office so many times???
After a while I decided to seek some type of help and try to get him evaluated. So, my first stop was at a Family Services (non-profit organization). There a social worker met with my son once a week for a few weeks and played games with him, etc. He said he did seem to be easily distracted and full of fears. That didn't last long because it was almost an hour drive from my home and the money part was getting harder. I was working part time and attending school to become a Nurse. I never thought I would make it and I still don't know how I survived but I did it! I am a registered nurse for the past 3 years or so....
After that problems still occured mostly at home though with terrible fears and separation anxiety and hyperactivity. At that time it seemed like his MOTOR never stopped. I hadn't really known a lot about ADHD then until a few years later when I attended a Seminar with Dr. Goldstein. I sat and listened attentively and it sounded as if this man was talking directly about my son!!! It was unbelievable. I knew at that time that my son had ADHD.
So I mentioned this to my son's pediatrician who agreed and recommended Ritalin. Well, great idea except that my ex husband and his family were totally against it and put bad things about it in my son's head. They have made life so difficult for me and more indirectly for my son. Nevertheless, he started on the Ritalin on a trial basis...
Ritalin worked wonders for a few years and he also began to see a Psychologist for a while, but with no insurance at the time -the $100.00 and hour was too much for me to handle on a part-time income (was still in school for nursing).
About a year ago, he began seeing psychiatrist-finally. He had psychological testing done which confirmed everything that I already knew!!! { I think I have read every book about ADHD that ever was written. }
He was taking the Ritalin until the end of his 5th grade year when I stopped it after talking to the psychiatrist. He had gotten suspended from school 5 times before the end of 5th grade. Never for extremely serious stuff, but totally impulsive behaviors, etc.. We tried changing dose of Ritalin, but didn't help. He made it through the end of that year-finally! But by the hardest he passed. I don't think he really retained much that year and feel that he will have lots of trouble this year in 6th grade (by the way-new school, new rules, new procedures)-just what we need!!
I tried talking to school about maybe holding him back this year even though he passed, but the school says they CANNOT do that. They told me he would have to "FAIL" academically. The dr. also said this may make things worse with his self-esteem problems. I am so confused.
He started 6th grade and on the 5th day of school I received that dreaded phone call. A parent-teacher conference already!!!! She said he is very disruptive in class, fidgety, talking continuously, etc... I explained to her that I would take care of it and mentioned his history to her so that she would be aware. I told her that I was trying not to have to put him back on medications if I didn't need to. She recommended that he start his medications again! Boy, that didn't take long---but then again-I really didn't think it would...........

Susie/30/FE/Louisiana, divorced for last 9 years; now engaged to Arlan who has full custody of his children (two boys: C-12 yrs and A.J.-18yrs old) REASON I'M HERE: Bobby (my difficult child)Adhd,Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD),Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),odd?depressed,etc...Need all the help and support I can get!!!

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