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I'm so sorry. Taking it out on the puppy is abhorrent and a giant red flag. It can't be allowed to happen again.

You need respite. Right now, you'll have to take it in any little , tiny way you can. While she is hospitalized, pick yourself up a nice meal. Talk on the phone with an understanding friend for 15 minutes. ANYTHING.

But, there seems to be more and more reason for her to be placed in residential tx.

I was very lucky to have one or two friends that helped me out now and then. I did my best to not overburden them...which would of been very easy to do actually because this stuff is often WAY over the top. But, I would call one now and then and tell her I simply needed one hour to myself and drop off my daughter. Daughter was often better with her anyway. I knew better to push my luck with two hours. If you have a person like this in your life...that would be great. But, ironically, hospitalization can also provide respite for you as well. I'm so sorry...this sounds (and is) extraordinarily difficult.


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Behavioral consultants for conduct disorder observe parent-child interactions and the daily routines of a family and seek to understand the behavioral patterns and dynamics therein to maximize positive outcomes and minimize and respond to negative patterns.

Parent Management training for conduct disorder is one way that behavioral consultants implement their work.


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You all are my rock right now! Thank you sooo much. We opted to have her go into a short term residential treatment facility- longer than the acute care she got (which was fabulous, just but not enough), but more controlled than the partial program she was in. It is 100% voluntary- my daughter agrees this is what she needs and gave her approval. I feel an immense relief and thank Copabanana for her words last night when I was in the middle of it all- she gave me a lot of clarity as well as some talking points- she had the words that I couldn’t find.

The NP here told me the staff commented on my sleep mask as I slept in the chair in my daughter’s hospital bay. She said she told them “That’s how you can tell the pro parents who have done this before!”


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Copa and New Leaf are a real blessing to so many of us here! And so many others, too. The site is not as busy, but this page seems like a group of old friends.