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Hello all!

My pediatrican wants to set my son up with a couple of specialists to have evaluations to find out what may be going on with him. (very mild autism or behavioral problem is what they think may be going on with him) My question/confusion comes from the referral/appointment with the Pediatric Neurologist. Now, those in here have said they have taken their difficult child to a Neuropsychologist. I was wondering if a Neurologist can/will do the same sort of evaluation as a neuropsychologist, are these 2 completely different doctors, and should I call the Pediatrician back to ask for a neuropsychologist instead? Ahhhhh!! HAHA

What sort of evaluation should I expect from each type of doctors. other than an interview with myself and my husband? What further testing is often scheduled for diagnosis of either a behavior problem or autism?

His appointment with the pediatric Neurologist is March 1st and his appointment with a pediatric Psychologist is March 2nd. I just want to be as mentally prepared as I possibly can for whatever the Doctors are going to say to me. I am going today to the library to find some of the recommended reading.

Thanks for all insight!



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Child Neurologist- they do test for autism, adhd, etc.

As in any medical visit, first we gather information with a history and neurological examination. During the neurological exam, we ask the child to go through a series of simple maneuvers, such as coordination, strength, sensory, reflex, and walking tests. In essence, these procedures allow us to take a "tour" around the patient's brain, checking out the function of different brain parts. When appropriate, we also screen for developmental and/or academic skills.

Next, we talk with the parent and/or child, going over diagnosis, further testing (if any); and, most importantly, a plan to remedy the problem.

How should parents prepare for the visit?

Most importantly, reassure the children that there are no needles during the office visit. Nothing hurts! In fact, most children actually enjoy the examination, which is usually done in a relaxed (often playful) style.

If development or school difficulties are an issue, please bring:
A baby book with developmental milestones.
Teacher reports from as many years as possible, including early elementary school.
A written note from current teachers describing their observations.
Copies of any psychological or educational testing.

If unusual episodes are an issue:
A video tape of the event helps greatly.
Observe whether the child can be brought out the the episode by vigorously trying to get his attention.


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Rachel, the neurologist is a physician with a specialty in Neurology. He/she will look for a multitude of medical issues and hopefully rule them out. You want to make sure no one misses a medical reason for some of the symptoms you are seeing. There are no blood tests for autism but there are symptoms that they will look for.

My biggest suggestion for any of these appts. is do the parent report to take with you. Make a copy for each specialist. It will save you from having to fish for answers from your memory on the spot. It will all be written. You will find an outline for this on the faq/board help forum.

Getting your info in order is the best way you can prepare for any of these visit.

If you do get referred to a neuro psychologist, it will be several hours of testing(after initial visit). Ours was done in 2 visits. It's a lot of specific testing.