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    Friday was a disaster. More arguing and accusing one another than anything. Had a bit of a problem on Thursday. I refused to let him stay at school on Friday unless he could go to class. They said no, so I took him home. They threatened to call the truant officer. When I questioned why they threaten to call the police on my son, they said anytime he is yelling or disruptive it is considered "disorderly conduct". This is the whole reason he is in Special Education. Emotional, social, angry..just cannot handle certain situations.

    When I asked for a Functional Behavior Assessment, they said "why". He is in 7th grade and has never had one at this school (2 years). I told them maybe we could then see what some of his triggers are, and what provokes him. They said they don't know who would do that. I gave them names of the people who did it in elementary school. Then they said all that consists of is them monitoring him, and if he knows they are their to monitor him nothing will happen.

    I met with each one of his teachers prior to school even starting. I discussed him and two of the things that will set him off. I think he has done well most of the time. Especially since I hear more and more what is going on.

    I asked to see the latest referral. I told them I would like to see how the statements are worded. Asked that at 8am, and again at our 2pm meeting. Doesn't seem like they are willing to let me see it.

    When my son denied what was said on that referral, and denied what they were saying, the principal said, "and you are going on information from where....HIM"

    I tried to suggest a few things that may keep him from exploding, and another to try to learn an appropriate behavior.
    they laughed at me.
    I told them he is entitled to an education and he is not getting it when you put him in a little room in the office by himself.
    The principal stood up and asked me who is giving me information, over and over she asked that. She told me I am wrong and whoever is supplying the information is wrong.
    It has been a horrible few days. I have never felt so sad, and lost as I have now. I dread this meeting today. I am scared.
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    Well, that certainly doesn't sound pleasant.

    The Special Education Director really needs to be involved in this situation. Did you send the letter requesting the reevaluation and FBA to the Sp Ed Director?
    You are entitled to it by law. Again, put your request in a letter, send it Certified Mail to the Special Education Director.

    It's unfortunate that such a lack of professionalism is being displayed. Condescending manners and bullying and intimidation tactics doesn't speak well of them.

    If possible, get someone to accompany you to the meeting. Take a copy of your letter requesting the FBA and reevaluation with you to the meeting.

    Emotions are running pretty high on both sides, so if they won't allow your behavior interventions to be added to the IEP, calmly announce that the meeting will have to be reconvened subsequent to the FBA and reevaluation being performed, thank them for their time, and leave.

    Reconvened is the operative term.

    You'll want to take a copy of with you. List your recommendations before going to the meeting. Fill out the rest of the form as the meeting progresses. If you can make a copy of the completed form with-them when you leave the meeting, fine. If not, send it to the Sp Ed Director later with-a letter. will tell you why.

    We'll be sitting with you on your shoulder.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Thanks, Sheila. These are great links. I tried building a site that was similar, but keeping it going was beyond me. Also, my "webmaster" went to high school and resigned

    I really like the idea of keeping a record of parent input. Having school district minutes omit the parent input seems to be increasingly common.

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    Interesting that you mention minutes Martie. Our IEP process no longer allows for minutes of any sort to be included in the IEP. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

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