cookie to a boy with Autism.son blew!My Son a sociopath? Getting daughter tested now

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    Went to the carnival tonight, yes school had it early. So my son started the day with getting up ok, but under the same breathe, he then got angry and yelled" dont touch me and shutup" ( we tickle him to help get him up because thats the easiet way.. plus he asks us too... So after an hour of that he headed off to scouts helping troop master. Home, ok, and got ready to go to party.. a little attitude because he wanted to "take the house "( a lot of his stuff with him, then he stopped was ok once we got to school.

    Ok sooo it started again.. He was also mad because when we first got there my dad just asked my son what he thought he was going to play first and yikes!!!!!!!! He yelled "dont stare at me and shutup" well a bit after my son yelling at us and my daughter having a lil attitide over some books, my dad waited in the car. So as the time carried on.. he was mad at his sister not askin his friends to go in the Haunted house for him. While they were outside, a boy came and started peeling the paper off the cookie container my son won, I asked what he was doing and he had no reaction and kept doing it. It hit me that he had some form of Autism, by then he walked away, and I opened the thing and gave him a cookie :) He seemed happy!!!!! My son came back and then blew over me giving a cookie away to the boy!!! He wasnt there so I couldnt ask my son, so...I gave that little boy one, I feel I did the right thing. My gosh there was 9 cookies left plus my son also won two cakes!!!!! He also was goin to poor his punch on the floor and yes, we were being stared at!

    Well, I am trying to think back of anytimes my son felt bad after hurting us or himself, or after breaking materialistic things... I really cant remember more than a few times where he brought up he was sorry after even stepping on our feet accidentally, maybe a few times. My son is literrally fine one minute at litterally next is angry, after tantrums acts like it hasnt happened or does bring it up why we made him mad but is calm again....Im staring to wander if he is a sociopath.. I feel his dad is...

    As for my daugter.. you all said maybe other issue than Social Anxiety or just Shyness I always thought. Well, she is slowly opening up a little more BUT not at enough speed Id like for turning 13.. I dont want her wild but I see 6,7th d 8th graders running around the school, smiling chasing each other, yet my daughter is in a jacket not showing her costume she insisted on, no smiles except one extremely quick one over something. Still soooooo quite and still bathing issue. But yet, she wants her clothes cleaned daily!!! So when we go to counseling I will ask the Psychologist to start testing her without my daughter knowing too much rite away, to observe her etc. I brought this up to my daughter and she blew, cried saying theres nothing wrong with her its her brother and us letting her brother get away with things and of course, yes my kids are spoiled. My daughter would be in such a bad place going to a public school, Im afraid she will become depressed because I just dont see kids her age acting this way..High School is a social place.. for my daughter Im scared!!! I have to keep her in private where they have gotten to know her there, Im praying kids in her class go the the same high school of hers at least.
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    I'm sure I said this before, but I'd have them both neuropsychologist tested. Your daughter sounds very spectrumish. They are not necessarily crazy different, but they tend not to share the normal interests of their same age peers and can't relate to them and are emotionally fragile. Asperger's for girls is not as obvious as for boys.

    Your son...not so sure. Something is up, but again a neuropsychologist can point you in the right direction.

    My mottos are "Better to be safe than sorry" and "The sooner you get help, the better." You are right that high school is very social. My autistic son actually had a lot of friends by then because he had gone to the same school for so long and had also been both in Special Education (for a smaller classroom) and mainstreamed. At his lunch table, there were some kids with special needs and some "typical" kids who tended to be the school high achievers which I hate to call "geeks." But he was never alone.

    He did often and still does prefer to be alone after school and now after work, but he is getting better at handling other people because he has slowly been acclimated to others. Most people have social anxiety because their social skills are poor and they freak out when they have to be in a crowd of people...they don't know what to do. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or not, these kids are close to spectrumish and need the same social skills help that their Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)-for-sure peers need. He is quick to slap high fives and challenge other people at his bowling games and does not seem all that different from other young adults his age AS LONG AS HE KNOWS THE PEOPLE WELL. He is very shy with strangers.

    I wish you luck!!! :) Be sure to be good to yourself too!!!!
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    Thank you..I guess only more time and hopefully testing will tell. Im trying to find a neuropsychologist and they either dont except kids or just doesn't seem to exists here :( I google it but one person I call says no call this person I call and they only deal with ADHD and reg counseling, some just counseling uggh
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    Alternatives to neuropsychologist:
    1) a child behavioral/developmental clinic out of a good teaching or children's hospital
    2) a PhD-level psychologist with a specialty in comprehensive evaluations
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    If you can get to a teaching hospital, there will be a neuropsychologist there. They just are not listed in the phone book because they aren't in private practice. We have very few psychologists who do any sort of comprehensive testing, unfortunately. If you need to travel a few hours, trust me, it's worth it. I live in a small town area and had to travel to get help for my son (sigh). I know. It gets tiring.
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    Another route to go if you can't find a neuropsychologist, is to go with a multi-disciplinary evaluation where testing is done by specialists in each area tested. You can find these as well at teaching hospitals.

    I was diagnosed when I was in my forties at University of Chicago Hospital.

    My oldest nephew was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism (HFA) and my mother, who was along, was flagged as an Aspie (and boy, is she ever). They asked my sister and mother to see if they could get me to come in to be tested as they were doing a study on heritability of ASDs.

    I was evaluated by several professionals over a period of six hours. It was gruelling and I can see why they break it up for kids.

    I got my diagnosis at that time as having an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). They were not able to determine what form I have other than they "thought" it was Asperger's but weren't sure as I'd been compensating for so long.

    I'm not surprised. My maternal grandfather was also an Aspie, as is one of my maternal uncles. I also walked out of there with a diagnosis of bipolar II and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and PTSD.

    The latter MH dxes were confirmed by the psychiatrist I use after another "intake" evaluation based on the records from my previous evaluation that took 2 hours.

    I was such a mess that I had diagnosed myself before that. Not surprising. My sister is BPI and my father had BiPolar (BP) as well.

    The autism seems to run down my mother's side and the BiPolar (BP) down my paternal line.

    It's interesting. I hope to read one day of a breakthrough where they can diagnose these disorders with a blood test and infants can tested and interventions started immediately.

    I lucked out in that to my family, I was just another "odd" one. My mother had a lot of support and advice coming from older relatives who had themselves raised one or more "odd" ones.
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    Thank you all, I am looking into everything. I dont mind traveling, but we do have a children's hospital and teaching hospital, where my son has now gotten his cat scan and eeg.

    GoingNorth, you and your family have been through a lot! It is something how we inherit or mix health issues from our relatives. Those tests are something I hear!