Cookouts now in the mix - It's Week Twenty-Six!!!

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by LittleDudesMom, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :bbq: Good Morning - It's Week Twenty-six!!!

    I've just a tad bit of time to post this post this morning. I'm actually on my way to my new gym for a water aerobic class at 9:30!

    I didn't go to WW yesterday. I did weigh-in on Saturay, but difficult child and I were on that role yesterday of the gym (he went with me yesterday since easy child was working and the gym is really empty at 3:00), then purchasing fireworks for the 4th, then grocery shopping! We didn't arrrive back home until 6:15.

    But I feel good because the exercise is coming along nicely, and I will be adding some new stuff, the water classes. I love the water!!!!!

    So, how's things you with you all?

    Any tips for surviving the cookouts this Friday??

  2. Christy

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    I haven't been hanging out in the healthy living forum so I am a newbie here but I just wanted to post and say GOOD FOR YOU for making it to week 26. I admire your committment to healthy living and hope to be able to do the same!

  3. KateM

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    Welcome to the forum, Christy! I read your other post and see that you previously lost 90 pounds - so you know HOW; it's just DOING it! I can definitely relate to that! I, too, recently joined this forum for just this reason - accountability and support. I lost 22 lbs last summer with WW , then gained back 10- 12 this winter. I rejoined WW and am starting to lose again.

    Sharon-- your vacation sounded relaxing and fun. You continue to inspire with your long term commitment!

    Friday is my WW mtg day and this past Friday was the first weigh-in. I lost 3lbs! Of course, the beginning is the easiest-- the wt comes off (fairly) easily and I'm gung-ho on the eating plan. The tough part comes after weeks, when you're working hard but not seeing the results as quickly as in the beginning. So I'm glad we are here to support eachother!!
  4. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone,

    Sharon--that water aerobics class sounds like fun. And very refreshing on hot summer days.

    Christy--welcome! So glad that you joined us. Whatever stage of your journey, there's lots of great support to be found here.

    Kate--congratulations on the weight loss. Sounds like you're having a great start.

    Whew! A rare night at home during the business-trip-olympics. I'm doing a virtual meeting tomorrow, so I get to go to my real office for a change. Then back on the road on Friday.

    Took advantage of the night at home to go to dance class. They're gearing up for the next Showcase, and my teacher was talking about the routines he would like me to do. He then took me over to the costume rack and told me to pick one and try it on.

    husband and Teach between them chose a very low cut spangly number with lots of flared details on the skirt in a deep wine colour. I popped into the change room to try it on. Holy Cow! It fit like a dream, there were no lumpy bits around the stomach, and I felt GOOD! Like one of the girls on Dancing With The Stars.

    2 1/2 more weeks on the road, and then I can get back to normal (well, relatively speaking). Oh. how I miss normal.

    Have a great week, everyone, and Happy 4th of July if I don't get to check in between now and then.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Good for you on doing the water classes. I haven't done that in years. Maybe it's time for me to try again. I try to do a lot of healthy grilling, chicken and lean burgers. I do save brats for special occasions like the 4th of July. This year though I told my family I'm not barbecuing on Friday. They are going to have to wait a day because my weigh in is Saturday morning.

    Christy-glad you are joining us!

    Kate-congrats on your first three pounds!

    Trinity-Glad your traveling is almost done! How fun that the outfit fit perfectly!

    As usual I'm doing great on the exercise front. Although I'm getting a bit bored with my workout and need to start doing something different. Just not sure what that is yet. I also need to do something new with my weight training-wish I could afford a personal trainer!

    On the eating front-well usually I do well in the summer. Right now-not so much and I'm not sure why other than I have felt like doing a lot of indulging right now. It needs to stop!
  6. Marguerite

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    I haven't been able to get fully back into exercise - I'm finding my good leg cramps really easily in certain positions. So I'm trying to get onto the Wii Fit a bit more. I'll definitely be able to do more over the school holidays, but I've been backing off a lot so I can keep difficult child 3 focussed on his schoolwork.

    My torn muscle is still a bit sore at times, but I'm doing a lot more on it now. I'm walking a bit more, although it is very cold outside at the moment. Tomorrow is forecast to be the coldest day yet this winter.

    Water exercises - hopefully I'll be doing that when summer comes, but I'm going to have to get a new swimsuit, I suspect. I haven't tried on my old swimsuit, but I suspect it's going to be too loose. And I don't think it's going to be easy trying to buy a swimsuit in Sydney in the dead of winter!

    easy child bought me three pairs of corduroy trousers for my birthday. We shopped in the first week of June and I bought trousers that were tight on me. I've been having to wear a belt for the last few weeks. One pair, I haven't even had a chance to wear yet!

    My weight loss has slowed though. I either need to exercise more (not very likely that I can do enough) or eat even less. And I'm already down to 1000 calories a day.

    How to cope during the 4 July parties? OK, remember we celebrate summer Christmases, and they are shocking when it comes to bad eating. But I've been successful in previous years.

    First, don't beat yourself up if you break your diet for one day.

    Second, you don't have to be stupid about it, though.

    So - target salads, preferably ones without dressing. A small amount of dressing is no big deal, though. Caesar salad, although yummy, is NOT good for diets. It barely qualifies as salad.

    Alcohol - avoid it if you can. It has more calories than you think. People on diets tend to ignore the calories in their drinks. But if you MUST drink - get some good lo-cal mixers. Alternatively, alternate every second drink with a large glass of iced water. The water is good for you, it also cuts your alcohol consumption, plus you're still drinking socially. I usually just fill my glass (I use the same wine glass size as the other party guests) from the tub of iced water for the drinks.

    Food - eat lean protein without guilt. It will fill you up, it is good for you, it is efficient calories. Top it off with some leafy salads. Dips - go for the ones with vegetable sticks, or go into the kitchen and make your own vegetable sticks. Or even take your own, if you're going elsewhere. Grab some of that iced water to soak them in, to make them crisp and cold. Iced water makes the fastest, best celery curls anyway.

    For a drink with a difference, get a glass of cold tomato juice, add a dash of tabasco sauce, a fresh sprig of basil and stir it with a stalk of celery. Tell people it's also loaded with vodka. If they've already been drinking for a while, they won't be able to taste the difference anyway.

    Rules in general -

    1) - avoid fat (or oil), sugar (including fruit sugars), alcohol. But have a small amount, if you can't resist. Try to limit "naughty" stuff to before mid-afternoon if you can. Avoid anything baked with flour, potato or rice (unless it's wholegrain).

    2) Eat as much as you want of lean protein, green salad, undressed salads, fresh vegetable sticks. Eat low-fat dips for preference (hommous, cottage cheese/corn relish, smoked salmon/low fat cream cheese, tzaziki). Make your own and take them along - the host/hostess will be very grateful.

    3) drink as much water as you want, or low-cal soft drinks. Drink out of a wine glass and keep your glass topped up with ice. Garnish with fruit and an umbrella (or a flag). The more water you drink, the less rubbishy food you'll have room for.