Could use a infusion of donated patience and strength

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Mar 13, 2012.

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    I am not up to posting all of the crazy uncalled for drama right now. But I could really use the donated patience and spare strength sent my way if you all can spare some.

    easy child's father is, for the third time in 12 years, punitively and foolishly suing me again for full custody. He and his wife are relocating out of town again and he called last week and announced he was moving to which I said okay. Then he said "we are taking easy child with us". Needless to say it has been upsetting and I really am so sick of this koi. I'm running plum out of reserves. I've got enough on my plate medically, the trial with my father, etc.

    Tons of stupidity has occurred since that announcement from him and I'm just bitter, angry, disillusioned by man kind as a whole, and no clue where to dredge up more "fight". I just want peace. To live my quiet life hurting nobody and asking nobody for anything. Just leave me alone with my minuscule world of a few trusted loved ones, living poor day to day in my cozy safe little nest. I ask for so little and can be happy with that. I am learning to really just hate people. And I'm angry that now I have to go to war with a man so hell bent in control that he will sacrifice the emotional well being of our daughter. He had her keeping this a secret from me for a week. I about flipped my lid.

    Any spare sanity would be appreciated. If ever I needed it, it's now. I'm having to work harder than I think I can to hold it together. I don't even have a safe place to cry or call a friend to unload as easy child is home and I'm trying so hard to keep up appearances. Even that I am resenting right now. It's bad enough to be nearly alone in the world. Even worse when I have to fake normal and can't unload on S/O incase easy child sees me stressing out. I'm done like dinner.
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    I am so sorry. I have no words, just sending you courage and serenity and hope that you find your way to the life you dream of. (((((HUGS)))))
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    Many, many hugs and lots of extra strength and patience headed your way.
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    Sending all the extra strength and patience I can muster your way..............and adding in some good juju and prayers while I'm at it.

    Why is it that so many things just seem to have to happen at the same time? Bad enough when you have to take them one at a time, but when they clump together it hoovers in a major way.

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    Isnt this the man that didnt have much to do with her for a long while then decided to play daddy. He has never paid more than a paltry amount of child support and then only when forced.

    No...I dont think any judge in his right mind is going to remove a child of her age from the maternal mother if the child wishes to stay where she is at. Your daughter is old enough to be heard in court about where she wants to stay and I am assuming she wants to stay with you.
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    I've got some extra patience I won't be needing in the next few days. It's all yours.
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    I seem to have extraordinary patience and you may borrow any of it you deem necessary. If you find you need anything else in my arsenal? Borrow away. The weapons are all locked up except for the silver, double edged sword of a tongue, and that I will gladly loan out anytime.

    Also I would tell you this to keep in the back of your mind - Worry and angst do absolutely NOTHING to help your situation, except make it worse on you. It does not hurt your enemy, it just tears down things under your own roof, and accomplishes NOTHING in the end. Think back to the last time you had a tragedy or drama and got upset or worried about the situation. Did your being upset and frustrated help in ANY way? No. So in this situation, give the problem to your Higher power - and know that you are doing all in your ability to do the right things, stay constant and vigilant in what you ask for and be sincere in your prayers. This is a serious matter - but ask also for an enlightened heart, and no worries over this matter. I think you'll find that when you give the problems to someone that can handle them? You have more time to look around you and realize how lucky you really are in life, and not so stressed about things you can not control. - Just a thought.

    Don't take this all on yourself - lol - Ask for some help. ^^^ Know what I mean??

    Hugs & Love
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    M, you know I am here and will let you have any and all of my warrior mom armor at any time!!! And as for ex - pfft. I can't say what I really think here but I am sure you know!