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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by lmf64, May 26, 2011.

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    I don't post often as I don't feel I have a lot to offer, but right now I could use all the extra positive energy anyone could send my way. I have been homeless for 7 months and am waiting to hear about a place that I love and the property manager gives me a positive vibe.
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    I went through the same struggle when difficult child was small, maybe 16-17 years ago. It wasn't easy so I know how much a apartment can mean. Rattling beads for you. I hope this falls into place and that it can happen quickly so you can get settled again. Best of luck!
  3. lmf64

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    Thank you. I never thought I'd find myself in this place. And absolutely never thought sitting on a task force would get me so blackballed in this town. The property manager is the person who originally brought the idea of having a rental housing ordinance put in place in town and seemed to get it when I said I have terrible credit, but really need someone to give me the first break I've had since my son was dxd. I also said I'm a poor person, not a bad person. I'm hoping that since he hasn't contacted me this morning yet it's because he's working on the arrangements with the property owner to get me in.
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    Fingers crossed!!!! Rattling beads!!!!
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    I hope things start turning around for you and that you get your new place!!!!
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    Sending good vibes your way.
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    Praying here too!
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    Rattling beads ~ keep us updated when you are able
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    Sending hugs and prayers that everything works out.
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    Thank you all for you good thoughts and prayers. Last October difficult child and I became homeless and because I sat on a task force requiring landlords to become licensed to rent properties here in town I was blackballed and could not find a place. For 5 months we were in a motel and for the last 2+ he's been staying with relatives while I was sleeping in my car. Well, this morning I signed the lease on a great apartment here in town. The rental manager was the one who originally requested the ordinance and has been trying to get the property owner to approve me and he finally succeeded. We can't move in till July 1st, but hey it's summer and sleeping in the car now doesn't mean I take the chance of freezing to death without wasting gas.
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    Well I got in on this one late.......

    But GREAT news!!! And I'm so glad you were able to get the apartment!!!
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    Also coming in late and very glad to hear you got the place, even if you have to wait.