could use some tips, struggling with difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, May 24, 2011.

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    good morning

    so yes i should know by now after all the years of coping with her how to work her. Yet i'm finding the past several days with her have been really bad. She's hypomanic, activated to no end.

    I get the why's of it, she's being phased back into school, easy child moved out and now mom got diagnosed with some disease.

    it all makes perfect sense. Yet guys she's up till 3 a.m. each night we increased zyperxa to 10mg, we're starting elavil soon. she's smothering me bigtime lately, highl irritable. for those of you with BiPolar (BP) kids i need not explain you get it.

    so, any tips? i've had the talk with her that i'll be fine. husband has also talked to her and her dad. easy child has reached out as well. yet she's still flying high.

    i'm really trying hard yet i will be honest she causes me a great amt of stress. today it took an hr to wake her up yet again for her tutor.

    any ideas are totally welcome

    thanks as always :)
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    Is there a reason the psychiatrist is waiting to start Elavil? If it works, it will help her sleep within a week.
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    Oh come on! Why the heck should you know how to cope with her... JK. I know though doesn't it feel like we should know? But you have to remember that she is constantly changing, growing and her Disorder changes even though it is still mania. Kendall still has mania but it is different now. She is more in a mixed state. We are lucky that her medication is still working and the melatonin/tryptophan work in combo at night. But she wakes early right now because of the longer days and the early sunrise. Plus, she is obsessed with time.... Autism.
    I know you know all of the tricks watched you perform them over the years, ;-) so the medications seem to be the answer? I concur with SW.
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    concur........ah toto i missed you! facebook me!!! :)

    small yes it's my fault and pharmacist they didnt' have it in, than i didn't go by to get it because i've been so busy running about neuro, tutors her therapy etc. i will get it.

    yet we decided today we're finally running cable wire into her room for her to have a t.v. therapist highly approved at a long lasting solution. till than he said don't sweat the small stuff and just let her sleep on the couch till the weekend when the wires run and tv's in there.

    soo i concur!! medications and tv! :) thanks guys