Counting the days for school to start again

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by AllStressedOut, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Well, it didn't take long this morning. Sitting at the breakfast table I see gray and black stuff all over my youngest difficult child, so I ask him what it is. He proceeds to tell me its from a kid at school drawing on him. School has been out here since May 24th. I don't care if he draws on himself out of boredom, but why lie? And why with one that is so rediculous? Does he honestly think I'm going to fall for that? That these freshly made ink marks are more than a month old? That this school mate apparently drew on his foot too, which is always covered by a sock and sneaker? And this is the one that finally figured out during the school year that if he owns up to his behavior, he doesn't get into as much or any trouble. What happened?

    Counting down the days until school is back in session!
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    You will soon learn that it is better not to ask the question that can be answered with a lie. I had to. The question isnt Who did that to him but what on earth possessed him to do that to himself? LOL. Actually its here is some cleaning fluid to take the ink off your body son. You know he did it, he knows he did it. There really isnt a question involved.

    The biggest problem you will have...and I had it too because of multiple the who did what when things happen in the house. Its always someone else did it. I swear we had someone named Mr. Nobody living in my house for years. He did the most amazing things. He got up at night and raided pantries, dumped out drawers, played with toys, watched tv, and all kinds of other assorted naughty things.

    When Mr. Nobody did something, everyone got punished. If Mr. Nobody raided the pantry then everyone had to clean it up and they got docked play time. You get the picture.

    I simply wasnt going to argue with them over who did what. Normally peer pressure would win out and they would convince the offending party to eventually come forth and tell us who did what to get them off punishment.
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    My problem this morning was not identifying it quick enough. The first hand I saw just had this dark grey dirt looking stuff on it. I guess "What is that?" was too much. Typically I know better and just ask yes/no questions. I guess this diet I'm on is really getting to me in the mornings. Can't have my coffee and I just don't have the caffeine rush I'm used to. Not quick on my feet when I'm out of caffeine. I should consider a strict caffeine only diet so I can handle my kids.
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    Lordy I know about the no caffeine thing. My husband bought some diet rite soda last night and went to bed with a headache. Had to get up and find the real diet coke to make it go away.

    I wasnt criticizing. I just no how hard it is to parent all those kids. When there are more of them than there are of you its like mutiny and all men for themselves. You have to outthink the lil buggers.
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    I didn't take it that way at all! (criticizing) I just had to share why my brain wasn't on right this morning. I totally get the, here, go wash it off, route. I just wasn't functioning yet and wasn't ready to outthink anyone with no caffeine. That may explain my headache too, hmmm! See, you're thinking for me, thanks! : )
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Got the coutdown going at my house, too :wink: School is waaaaay too far away right now.

    You deserve a medal for managing your group every day! I wouldn't be brave enough to forego my morning coffee even with my three -- can't imagine six! I think I'd need an espresso I.V.!!!

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    Don't worry when I stopped drinking coffee it only actually took about 4 days to get my clear head back. Every day was better than the one before. Good luck on the diet!
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    I have a friend who has 7 kids and I took my youngest with my to visit her one time. At the time not only did she have her 7 and my kid but we also had her 2 year old niece there.

    So that made it 9...yes count them 9 kids from the age of 16 down to 2 years old in a 4 bedroom house...or was it 5? Maybe it was a 5.

    She ended up having to go out of town to take care of her sick sister who had emergency surgery while I was visiting from out of town and my friends husband worked out of town during the week so I was left taking care of all 9 kids on my own!

    OMG...I thought I was gonna go nuts.
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    I actually enjoy more, because they have built in playmates. I like having friends kids over because it keeps mine from killing eachother. Funny story...well, really awful story if you think about it...I had my stepsister over with her kids who are homeschooled as well as a friends kids over. We've been friends for years, thank god or I think this would have caused serious problems. But I guess my stepsister (new stepsister in the last year) doesn't really get her kids out much around other kids...and her 10 year old son starting referring to my friends son as "the brown boy" (hes black)....OMG I was so embarrassed. Finally my other friend who was here laid into him because my stepsister wasn't saying anything to him about how offensive that is. Since this happened we haven't had anymore playdates with my stepsister. I was mortified. Its funny now, but it wouldn't have been if my friend had been seriously offended. Its a good thing her and I know eachother well enough that this can be funny and not offensive.

    Playdates are interesting here for sure!
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    One time difficult child asked me why we call black people black, as they are brown. :rofl: He is kinda right. Hopefully no one takes offense to this, as none is meant. I do not remember what I told him.