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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by babyblue31, May 31, 2008.

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    Today has been one of those crazy, crazy days.. My difficult child(son) took the cats food in his room and scattiered all around.. Took a quarter of a gallon of mike out the frige and wasted it.. Thank God for W.I.C.. I'm so tired I didn't get to bed untill after 5 this morning, Just couldn't sleep.. It seems the more I try to destress something else happens and my stress level stays through the roof.. Right now he's like a different child.. He's sitting on the couch with my boyfriend playing xbox 360, being a good child I love times like this.. I true wish there where more times like these, but any more there's not many.. Please dont get me wrong I love my son with all of me, but I need a break.. My boyfriend is surppose to take me out on the 21 of june for our annveriry, and he better or I might have a break down I need to get out and let my hair down.......
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    Ok. Questions: First of all, who diagnosed your son? Do you think he just has ADHD? Has he ever seen a neuropsychologist? Probably not if money is tight.
    Secondly, why isn't he on medications?
    Thirdly, any psychiatric problems on the family tree on either side (including bio. dad). Any substance abuse or neurological problems? How was his early development?
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    You know that the most common side effects of the Tramadol include sleepiness, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and confusion, don't you?
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    Ok yes he was diagnosed my a pediatrician. theripist and his pedatrison.. He's not on medications cause they won't give him any cause he's only 4.. At least thats what they say.. (presonally I think it's a load of @#%^..) Yes I believe I am really depressed and his dad was adhd as a child and as a adult. No substance abuse or any thing else..