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    When difficult child was younger he took Tae Kwon Do for about three years. It was actually a self defense class taught using Tae Kwon Do techniques. Well, about 4 years ago life (and confirmation) got in the way and he was pulled from class. Ever since then difficult child has wanted to get back into it and I just couldn't afford to pay for private lessons and besides I didn't know if difficult child had it in him to be dedicated enough to actually work on his techniques regularly.
    Last week we had difficult child's annual IEP. At the meeting someone said something about difficult child wanting to take karate/tae kwon do. difficult child's case worker said they could pay for it if we could find someone to teach him. A friend of my brother's teaches and is willing to do individual with difficult child as long as he's working on progressing through the ranks.
    They had their first session last night. difficult child came home (I had PCA take him) full of respect, doing what was requested immediately and drenched in sweat.
    This could be great for difficult child. The one on one mentoring of a strong male, along with the health benefits of daily exercise is just what difficult child needs at this point in his life. He's surrounded by females; his 1:1 at school, me, his PCA, his teacher.
    Cross your fingers that the behavior and dedication continue.
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    Wow! That is great. My fingers are crossed that TKD becomes a huge success.

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    Fingers crossed!
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    I wish manster had taken to TKD but it wasn't in the cards. This is great news and I am crossing all body parts for you :)