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    Child support
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    Just remember you're not the bad guy.

    Depending on where you are..... some states have it on the books that if Dad doesn't start paying in x amt of time, Dad goes to jail. No excuses.

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    Even if he doesn't pay you now, he'll have to pay you eventually. That debt never goes away. So, let the medical bills accumulate and wait patiently for him to think you've forgotten, get a job, then take him to court.

    For child support, you can go through child support enforcement (if it's not automatic in your state) and they'll attach any income tax refund he's scheduled to receive to pay you his child support. Worst case scenario, what he owes goes into arrearage, but just like the above, it doesn't go away.

    As far as you not telling him, you were his wife...not his mother. Time he grew up and acted like a big boy.
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    (remember and start adding up - a journal if you will) all the time you SIT without pay and wait for him.

    I think you should get reimbursed for waiting on him.

    As far as the outlaws go? I think you should send Pizza and pepsi - no bologna and water to them for the HUGE pity party they are going to have for STBX - and you are NOT invited.

    arent cha glad?

    Good on ya for getting what you can get - whether you'll get it or not is another story.
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    It's not your responsibility to remind him where he is supposed to be. He was served the papers. He's a big boy now. He needs to act like an adult.
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    Girl, just let it add up!!

    My dex owes me...are you ready?...over 17 GRAND.

    The court date to determine what he paid me, he also did not show, and I also got the "why didn't you call me" :censored2:. Yeah, right. Like you would have called me if the tables were turned.

    The thing was, the child support was figured out based on income that he HAD been receiving some time prior to that when he was driving his dad's semi. It went based on how much he made BEFORE he paid out gas and other expenses. He was not there to argue it or prove otherwise. And at the time of the courtdate, he was not working at ALL. Did not prove that either. So, $950.00 per month was the order.

    I have never seen a dime of it. He has not worked in over 2 years. And he won't go to the courthouse to show that his income has changed, to get the order reduced, because they will put him in jail for the arrearage. So it just keeps piling up.

    Fine by me. One day, he'll look at me crosseyed. And I'll take him to court for non payment.
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    I think child support is based on what he (or sometimes she) could make, based on education and experience, not what they actually make. The idea is to prevent sandbagging, that is, quitting his job and crying poor. wife's ex tried that. He quit his job and went into hiding, but it did him no good. wife had some allies among her ex-in-laws (or as Star calls them, "outlaws" :smile: ) and tracked him down to get the papers served. He had gotten a new job, out of state, and they garnished his checks there. His income tax refunds went to wife too until his arrearages were made up. She had to file an injured spouse return to get his refunds. He declared bankruptcy a few years later but child support is exempt from bankruptcy protection.

    In my case, my ex tried to pull a fast one. She had two more babies with different boyfriend's after divorcing me. She was fired from her job and went to apply for AFDC. On the application she listed our two children, who I had joint custody of at the time, plus the other two, but she only listed one of the three fathers: the one who had a job and whose whereabouts were known, me. I got a letter from the DHS saying basically that they were going to come after me for child support. When confronted about it by my lawyer, she withdrew the application then re-applied, this time only listing the other two.