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    After the last couple of things, I emailed Kiddo's service coordinator with a question about placement timing. His answer:

    I wish I could give a definite timeline. Rural Regional's budget is getting cut allot this next year so based on that I would think about getting <kiddo> her own place on the property. They don't really come out and say it but mental health is getting allot more focus with the budget monies because of mentally ill individuals doing mass shooting and causing major issues so that is taking priority over the next budget. Also our intakes have skyrocketed at Rural Regional so there is a very high demand for services. Sorry, I wish I had better news but that's where we are at.

    I'm not feeling too good right now.
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    So do they have any ideas about how you are to get kiddo a place? Are they gonna offer one time funding to pay for a small mobile home to put on your property?

    That could possibly work if she could also have access to an aide pretty much full time.
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    We've already talked about it, the household and I. Generally in terms of "15 foot travel trailer surrounded by motion activated lights and alarms, and a fence topped with razor wire."

    I asked in my original email what a possible timeline was for placement, she's broken into my metal lockbox AGAIN, I'm tired of living in a kiddo shaped jail where I have to lock anything and everything I don't want her getting into, and should I just save up for a trailer with plumbing and electric to park her in with alarmed windows and doors?

    Blacksmith has brought up the travel trailer plan in the past, he thinks with good monitoring and security she can be a decent and workable part of the farm. MY problem is I just can't keep doing this where I am cursed with a toddler forever and ever with no freedom to be social or even travel to nearby cities. I belong to a philosophical/religious organization, and I haven't been able to attend any gatherings for going on five years now. I can't dependably hold a job, I can't turn my back on her while doing the farm and ranch work, Harvest time which should be celebration is horror, lost sleep and stress for me, and I am sick to death with being a leech on the state.
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    I understand completely. Are there any group homes that would cater to her types of disabilities? I mean what would happen if you died tomorrow.

    Tony has a second cousin who was born with encephalitis plus some other developmental disabilities. When she became an adult she went to live in some type of group home for the daughter.

    As far as the camper, well we tried that. It was a disaster. Maybe if we had used razor wire!
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    I remember your Buck stories. :) Kiddo is not at all that functional or independent. If I kicked her out, I would probably be charged with endangerment.

    She is on a wait list for a group home. It's just.. waiting. If I died right now, her dad 200 miles away would come get her - he and I have shared guardianship. So it isn't like she would be out on the street - that really would be death shortly, either from the elements or from some kind of predatory human. But he can't handle her, and she would be on a wait list in his city too, with my older daughter being caretaker until placement.
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    This is what is so hard for parents.

    I am assuming that she gets some sort of disability. If not she should. I am simply thinking off the top of my head here so take it for what its worth.

    Have you ever heard about tiny houses? If not, google them. If I was in your shoes, and I think the fact is that you dont want to be taking full time care of kiddo for the rest of your life, I would look into getting her one of those tiny houses and then find out how you can get as much in home help as possible for her. My thinking is that you might be able to get medicaid/medicare to pay for 40 hours a week minimum. The issue would be covering the other hours. I would consider looking for someone to live with her who might be going to school for psychology or something like that and they could stay with her for free if they watched her the hours needed. You might also be able to get some other help through avenues I havent thought of yet.

    But seriously look into those tiny houses. Much better than a camper and probably cheaper.
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    I of course don't know about your system, but in our's I would be very careful about having her her own place in your property. Around here something like that would so easily turn into: "Oh, she has her own, permanent and appropriate housing, we can put her back into end of the list. How nice!"

    That is something I would at least check very carefully before making arrangements. Your goal is to get her into housing there she can be independent from you (she of course can not be truly independent) and you can have a different type of relationship, there you are not her primary caretaker. If you make arrangements, where you continue to be her primary caretaker, that could turn into reality for a very long term.