Custody Case Settled


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Hi Family:

Just wanted to let y'all know that yesterday we had our court appearance and finally the matter is resolved! :bravo:
I now have joint custody with difficult child of Baby J. I have physical and residential custody for at least the next 24 months. :smile: :warrior:
What a relief!! Finally I know that Baby J will be here with us and safe. difficult child handled this whole thing pretty well, she really had no choice, but under the circumstances handled it like an adult. :bravo:
I am cautiously hopeful about difficult child. She has been sober 60 days. :bravo: :bravo:
There is still a long way to go....
But, for now, I'm happy, relieved, thankful!!!!! :smile:

Thank You for all the support!



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Congratulations, I know this is a weight off your shoulders. I hope difficult child will continue on the road to recovery.


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You must be so relieved. That is so awesome that this is finally over and you know what is ahead for you and baby J.


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Yay!! I know this is a weight off your shoulders. I am glad difficult child handled it well-deep down she knows what is best for the baby. Kudos to her on her 60 days!

Enjoy the baby!


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that is wonderful! I know at some point we may have to go for custody of kaleb as his mom is constantly threatening to move out of state with her latest boyfriend.
I am glad you are set for at least the next two years!


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Hurray for you, Baby J, and difficult child!! :warrior:
So glad to hear it's settled and difficult child didn't cause you worse heartache. Hope she can use the 24 months to really change her life and be ready to become a full-time parent when the time comes!!


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Great news thank you!! I know this will give you some peace of mind for a while. That baby boy is very lucky to have you and so is difficult child.

And speaking of difficult child, as much of a pain she can be she gets a big congrats on her 60 days sober. :bravo:



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Oh, Melissa, what a HUGE relief ! Glad things worked out for everyone ... especially that dear grandchild!



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Melissa,I'm glad for BabyJ and you. He will have a stable caregiver and someone who shows love everyday.

Congratulations for difficult child being sober.


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That's wonderful news Melissa. BabyJ is very lucky to have you.

And congratulations on difficult child's sobriety. I hope this is the beginning of something very good.