Cyclothymia and Asperger's?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. TerryJ2

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    So, easy child is studying psychology and instead of getting into the "I have this disease-a-week" syndrome, she's getting into the "Let's diagnosis difficult child" syndrome. :)
    In addition to Asperger's, she suggested cyclothymia. I admit, I've thought of this before, having read all of your notes and comments about your kids who have it.
    But does he have to have the way-up part? When he's good he's just "normal" good and happy. Which is rare.
    I think the inability to go to sleep is more due to his Concerta not wearing off.

    He's usually cranky and withdrawn, more like atypical depression or dysthymia.
    I really don't think this is all Asperger's, because I've met so many Aspies and many of them are centered and happy, albeit socially awkward and kind of nerdy.
    He's got something else.
    Just floating ideas out there ...
    (I know we'll probably never know, but easy child got me thinking about it again ...)
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    Terry, again you are showing what a good mom you are.

    I have a mood disorder, but it is not really bipolar. I've had minor ups but very strong downs. My diagnosis. is mood disorder spectrum. Many kids with any sort of autism/Aspergers have that. My son does not, but I am also around many Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) children. Your son actually seems far more social than most Aspies! I mean, my son would NEVER want a girlfriend or ask out a girl :) Maybe he is more mood disorder/less Aspie?

    Good luck :)
  3. TerryJ2

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    More mood disorder-less? LOL!
    Well, there's always that!
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    MWM...I never dreamed my son would ever get into the dating scene but by golly...he is! Evidently he knew this woman/girl socially back in HS but they parted as friends as life just moved on and now they have met up again over the ten year reunion and fb. She is in the army so didnt actually get to the reunion but joined in the fun through the internet. She got back in touch with my son and they have really struck up a relationship over the last year while she has been in Iraq. She seems to adore him. And him I am thrilled. He has sent her all his pics of his she knows what she is getting into. She is coming to visit in May...I am so excited! She has two kids and says she would like one Billy blushed when telling me that...lmao. However they have already talked about names!
  5. ML

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    I *wish* manster just had aspergers. I have always said it is the other stuff that is tougher to deal with. Cyclothima sounds possible. I often wonder if what I am seeing is the spectrum or the "other". I know it doesn't matter but it's hard not to wonder sometimes. These kids are so complicated!
  6. nvts

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    I've got difficult child 1 back in the psychiatric hospital. upstate again. He doesn't ever have the depressive's always the hypermania...explosive, abusive (verbally), narcissistic, manipulative and sometimes just plain mean. Now the constant sexual jokes and comments that come with 12 years old, constantly trying to fit-in with how he "reads" the room. It's incessant. Personally (and I can only say it on this board), he's beyond getting on my nerves.

    Now the hospital and the community residence are hinting at a higher level of care. I can't win with this kid.

    Once you figure yours out, let me know, because I'll grasp at that straw as well! :groan:

  7. TerryJ2

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    Janet, WOW! That is so neat. Fingers crossed.

    ML, I guess one of the reasons I want to know is because we could try some medications. Sigh. The Magic Pill and all that. Yes, Beth, grasping at straws. ANYthing. :(