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Yes she lives very near me and we had been meeting for lunch occassionally but she is a very busy grandma to two adorable twin girls. I hope to reconnect with her as soon as the weather warms up and I'll tell her to post an update.


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I don't think you missed a post, I'm not sure she's posted since they were born but I will get in touch with her and see if she has a few minutes to give an update.


Hello, my dear friends.

Even when I received Nancy's text this morning (thank you!), I still had not realized that I'd never posted about the babies being born! I meant to, but ... CLEARLY, did not!

C and N were born 1/15/14. difficult child was induced six weeks early, due to the small size of C. C was 3.14 at birth, and N was 4.1. They spent a little time in the NICU but are both growing and doing very well. They are beautiful, sweet little blessings.

I'd posted before their birth that difficult child was doing very well. For those who do not know us, difficult child is bi-polar and has never been medication-compliant. The pregnancy, and post-delivery hormones, seemed to stabilize her.

She was living with me and I was doing what I could (A LOT!) to help with them, at the same time making sure she was the primary caregiver.

She got mad at me 10 days ago, most conveniently, while her dad was out of town and his condo - 1.5 blocks away, was vacant. She picked a fight, declaring I was a "mean drunk" (are you laughing, Nancy?). My sisters and brother in law were here earlier in the evening, putting together her double stroller and a bookshelf and enjoying spaghetti and wine (not enough - trust me - for mean drunkenness!). She took the babies and went to her dad's, insisting that she could not stay here with me.

She had one glass of wine, much earlier in the evening, so driving was not an issue, but I was NOT happy about this - to say the least. I calmly told her that I knew what she was up to (vacation at dad's where she was undoubtedly meeting New Guy -more on that later - and that the situation did not warrant leaving. I told her, if she left, coming back would not be easy.

She left.

Ossie (her dad) returned home three days later and, much to his surprise, she was there with the girls. She'd told him she was going there to watch a movie because I was driving her crazy.

She is still there. The babies are safe. I see them almost every day, but I'm leaving this one alone. She doesn't have nearly the help there that she does here, and Ossie isn't happy but --- oh, well.

I am concerned because this sure looks like the beginning of manic episode. It was all irrational, to say the least, but that's her normal.

Thanks for asking about us, PG. And, thanks, Nancy,, for getting in touch. I promise to drop by and read more often ... it's just been busy beyond belief in the short time they've been with us.


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Hi Dash!!

So great to hear from you again. Thanks for the update; look forward to your having some more time (when you can) to check in again!


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I soooo understand about being busy!!! My life is filled with work and babysitting these days...

If you still get to see the girls everyday, I guess that is not a bad situation for you! Less stress. That makes her alone be responsible for both babies - that is a lot of work and should keep her pretty occupied. I bet that is a major adjustment for Ossie, though!!

Thank you for updating. :) Congratulations on becoming a grandmother!! Isn't it the best?? I never knew I could love a child so much... <3

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I love the calmness I feel in your post, Dash. the babies are safe, you know where she is, and some things are just out of our control. My daughter was calmer during and after pregnancy, too. She nursed her babies. The changes would begin happening again once they were weaned.

Birth control pills do not have the same effect as pregnancy for difficult child.