Daughter irritable and nasty, fights with me and everyone else.

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    yup i'm back and have mos. and mos. of venting......... so READ at your own risk lol.

    difficult child, what can i say ms. thing wanted off the medications about 7 mos. ago so i said ok we'll give it a shot (best time prior to serious hormonal fluctuations).......so we did it. needless to say when June came to an end and i thought ok summer will go ok and smooth........ umm no. the kid doesn't go to bed before 3 or 4 a.m. each night.

    at night she's ready to paint a house, run a marathon, fix my horrible garden :) she's irritable, nasty, fights with easy child, our dog, me and anyone who comes into her path.

    yes, our home is under seige by difficult child. prior to the wedding I was soo desperate for sleep that I let her sleep on our flr. because I knew if I didnt' i wouldnt' get any at all. She pulled the same bs at my mom's house when we went to Mexico for our honeymoon.

    it's all about her revving herself up about middle school in september that she does not want to attend. i have the iep ready to go and udpated to accommodate her yet none of us think she'll be able to pull off transitioning all those times during the day, focusing, not failing and also remembering books, and her locker number. there is just no way. ill be shocked if she can do it.

    so, we're back to medications on monday, which kind now i do not know. also new therapist. her therapist bailed about 4 mos. ago on us she left the practice and there wans't anyone to take her place. i'm trying biofeedback again and also a new thing whereas difficult child controls her thoughts and anxiety and focus and controls a dvd which plays movies. should be interesting to see if that'll help.

    i just know i'm soo done. i had a major meltdown last night i think i scared her by yelling and she just laid in her bed with her book as opposed to banging down our door as she normally does each night.

    so, that's my pity story and party for me :)
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    Hey, you earned that meltdown!
    I'm sorry it had to come to that, but I'm sorry that difficult child sat and read, afterward.
    I can only imagine how exchausted you must be.
    I hope the medications work a miracle. You could use one about now.
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    hey terry,

    how is everything in your world?? thanks. i hate to complain but i'm soo good at it and have alot of catching up to do lol. yea i dont' know what i'm seeing hypomania, manic not sure. she's getting the rest just sleeping real late the next day on certain days. we'll see. ah the joys of bipolar.... NOT!! :)
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    Oh Jena! I am so sorry - So much has been going on and building up. Just one very small question to address one of your lower priorities. Can difficult child get the locker number and combination from the school now so she can review it every day before school starts? I know last year we received our difficult child's locker number and combinations a few weeks before school started. (if the school gives a combination lock, ask for the lock now so you can practice it with her) Small priority but will be a huge help if she can memorize it. (otherwise a teacher will have to help each time she goes to her locker and that would be a target of teasing so small as this is, it will prevent a big problem).
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    Welcome Back!!! Long time no see!!

    WOW, it sounds like difficult child is having so many problems and getting very inconsistent help with them (NOT your fault). It must be very scary for her to look forward to all of those changes. Congratulations on the marriage!!!! I hope it was a lovely ceremony for the family.

    It is late so I will write more at another time!

    (((hugs))) Susie
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    If you can get her schedule early, walk it with her several times before school starts. We did that with Miss KT before junior high, high school, and even the community college! Before junior high started, Hubby took Miss KT and several of her friends over to school (we'd gone there as well...a million years earlier!), and they all felt better knowing where they had to go.
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    I like Andy's suggestion. With these kids, it's the little things (A LOT OF LITTLE THINGS). Sorry, didn't mean to shout just trying to make a point lol. It's exhausting, isn't it? This is the first year manster hasn't awaken nightly to call for me. I can now say my child didn't sleep through the night till he was 11 (years, not months). I still have to stay in his room till he falls asleep which thankfully with his nightly clonidine doesn't take long. I know it doesn't feel good to give our kids medications but unfortunately with many of them, it's a necessary evil. Of course now you're back in the game of managing side effects with benefits but if you can be patient and hang in there, throwing in some cognitive work, you can get attain a better quality of life. I think you're a wonderful mom. Hugs, ML
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    I agree with Andy and the others who suggest practice, practice, practice. The comfort level entering the new school is hugely important. My first difficult child wore an id bracelet (the type where you could open it) and had the most important numbers at her finger tips....that was 35 years ago! difficult child (her son) carried a little pocket appointment book with everything noted. He still needs to do that but forgets to take it.

    Best of luck with the new professionals. I hope they can make this year easier than you antiicpate it to be. DDD
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    DDD, nowadays they can bring their electronic devices with reminder and notes.
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    Oh, how i missed it here......... my husband sux at advice regarding difficult child lol!! i've had to rely on him the entire time my easy child was broken! can U imagine???!!!!

    great ideas, thanks alot. yes we are doing walk thru prior to first day several times and for weeks prior. she needs medications again desperately. and I need one night sleep before 12 would be great
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    I'm sending magical sleep vibes through the modem ...