Day 33 No Running/Using:Close Call

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. compassion

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    Today, all week actually difficult child(15) was obsessed about seeing girl she had her last drunk with. I told her she could not see kids who use/drink. I did end up getting her a sidekick (phone). I think it will be a good leverage tool plus the kids I do not want her to be in touch with will not have her number. I am very,very proud of her . It is incredibly time intensive,exhausting, and frustaring at times.

    She is at voice lesson now, then will see Yes Man, then AA, and then eat, bowling night with volleyball team. Tomorrow is club fundraiser, work at Humane Society, and shop for food and gifts plus 2 AA meetings. Sunday is two AA and 3 hours of volleyball.

    For me, I have accupucture appointment. today, chiro tomorrow and massage Sunday. I feel more relaxed but mt body is still very stiff.

  2. totoro

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    Good for her and you. Sometimes keeping extra busy keeps you from thinking about the things you want to do, and shouldn't. For many kids who have Mental Illness so many things seem to happen when they have too much time to think or too much time to get in trouble... cutting, sex, drugs, alcohol, gangs, suicide.... it is so sad and hard to stop.
    It sounds like you are doing a great job!
  3. Jena

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    Thats great, and the phone thing is a good idea. Busy, busy weekend but great to stay busy and those are great actiivties also. The aa is soo soo important. Your doing a great job.

  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    Good for her! Addiction is so evil.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    I hope the activity and resolve keep her is a positive place.

  6. TerryJ2

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    So far, so good. It worries me that she's still obsessed with-seeing that girl.

    I would love a chiro appointment today. And massage. And acupuncture. You go! :)
  7. compassion

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    Terry, I think the obsession is part of the addiction. As peopel have pointed out to me here, there IS lots of pressure. This girl is pressuring my daughter lots. On her old cellphone there was a call last night about is there any parties? A party boy wantd to do something at 9:30 at night. This girl had been texting her all week with stuff that she could not have said no to before, we are so bored, we will pick you up (like at 11:30 at night) She resisted doing the fundraiser today : she is very socially awkward and flet that she had never helped take orders before but it went great and she partipated toeards cosgts of her club volleyball. Last night seh went bowling, noone else showed but the coach but it was nice to do something non-therapy. She workes at Humane Society today, went shooooopping and is having a bite to eat at Moe's befoe the AA meeting, I will meet her there. This is fifth sober weekend odat.
    The Sidekick is better than I could have ever dreamed. It gives her constant stiulation. She would much rather connect by text than call. I am constantly telling her how proud I am of her.
    Last night, the coach told her (he was involved in the JV program she played for this fall) that he was dissspainted she had not particpated i nsleepover with team last fall. This was when she was using and I tried so haard to get her to go and she chose to be with her party freinds. He daid about committment and about varsity which she has an excdellent chance at if she stays committed. It was nice for her to hear this from someone besides me.
    Thanks all for the listening ear and the support. Compassion
  8. TerryJ2

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    You sound very supportive, and she really needs that. You have her doing something every day. Very good!
    Yes, that is good that the coach was able to give her that feedback. :)
    I hope that the texting and calls taper off and that takes some pressure off of your daughter. How long does it take for them to just disappear? (Sort of a rhetorical question.)
    Good luck. I'm cheering for you!
  9. Andy

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    You are doing a fantastic job - so is she. This is very hard work but it will pay off.