Day 42: She leaves for ski trip today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Day 42: no running or using substances. Yipee!!!! It was a rough day yesterday. She had put back into her cell phone the names and number of the party friends (substances) and then threw a fit .I am doing much better though at not reacting to her when she is irrational. I calmly went to the prariie with her Sidekick, noted the names and came back.
    She went to volleyball open gym, late but she showed. Later in the day, I asked her to return the stuff she took when she threw the fit: my glasses and som Christmas gifts. I also calmly asked her to remove the names of the alchol and drug users and she did.
    I know she is anxious about the 5 day ski trip. Socailly it will be not be real good: it is not a veryi nclusive, welcoming or warm group. But she will get to experince and have an adventure she cannot have around here. She has wanted to ski for years. We live in Fl. so it is a 12 hour bus ride to West Va.
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    Wow, Compassion, this will be a great experience for her. She just may make some new friends! W. VA is supposed to have some great skiing. I hope the weather stays cold, but they can always make snow, too.
    I am so sorry she put the #s back in, but glad she finally removed them.
    You did a GREAT job staying calm!!!! It makes such a difference.
    The things we all learn ...
    I've got my fingers crossed for you all. :)
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    42 DAYS - WOW THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!

    Good job at not engaging, that is very hard to do so kudo's to you for holding it together!!!

    This ski trip will be such a wonderful experience for her. I hope all goes well for her.

    Can't wait to hear how the trip goes. Keep us posted. :)
  4. totoro

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    Sending strength to her during the trip. Maybe she will find a new passion?
    When I was very *lost* in my 20's and doing some pretty dumb things, I discovered snowboarding...
    I had been living right near 5 ski hill... but was to stupid to ever try. Caught up in my own head!
    Let's just say, I think snowboarding has kept me alive at times, kept me out of trouble, (sure I still did some bad things) but if you are really into it, which I was, I had to get up at 5-6 am. I had to work hard to pay for it, which was good also!
    I met my husband through snowboarding! Some of our closest friends.
    Having BiPolar (BP), it is one of the best things for me personally when I am having a dark day or am manic.
    It can lift you up when you are down. When you are up and manic or hypo, skiing or snowboarding will wipe your butt out until you have NO energy!!!
    You really do not need alcohol or drugs to have a great time doing it!

    Good for you also, sounds like you are in a pretty good place!
  5. compassion

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    Thanks Totoro, I know she will love it. She has skiied once before at age 9, very attracted to it for the reasons you shared. They are also going tubing:the web showed like 10 lanes!!!! There will be concerts and party on New Year's Eve so should not be boring!!! Compassion