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    Can any of you recall your children's transition from easy child into difficult child???? It was different the first time, because the oldest one came to us that way, but my 5 year old started out as just a "spirited" child, and is rapidly prgressing towards FULL difficult child-ness and it is happening SO QUICKLY I feel completely powerless to stop it!!!!!!

    Anyway, the woman that has been watching my kids has told me already that she isn't sure she can continue to watch my 5 year old because of her behavior problems!!!! I don't know what to do, she refuses to listen, she is mean to the other kids, she breaks things, and today they went swimming and were taking a break for drinks and she sat down and peed all over the place for no reason at all!!!!! I am starting to get really worried and I think she needs to see someone besides just a normal therapist, but I don't even know where to begin.....

    Guess I just needed to vent a little, any one with advice, it is VERY welcome....
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    I would take her to a neuropsychologist or a Child psychiatrist or, preferably, both. You have some stuff on the family tree, and, since it came on suddenly, I'd want to know if it was an emerging disorder of any kind, beyond what a therapist can handle. Is there any serious mood problems on the family tree?
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    Our oldest difficult child has mood problems, but they are not blood related, and I think I am the only one that has any mental issues at all, and I grew out of that at about age 15....
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    Not only should you have her evaluated with a private evaluation with a neuropsychologist, I would get the school district to do one now - before she starts school. Is she headed to K this year?
  5. My difficult child was the perfect baby -- sunny, loving, happy -- and then somewhere between 18 and 24 months, he became a terrible two and stayed that way. I tried a lot of techniques before trying medication. Took a few tries but we finally found Lamictal and it's been very helpful. I had him evaluated by the school district as well as privately. Perhaps your pediatrician or the therapist your family is currently using can suggest some good resources. Good luck.