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    Forgot to mention the class last week. First we go over the "homework" from the previous week. That was involving Emotional mind, Logical mind, and Wise mind. Then the new subject for the lesson was distress tolerance. They showed a YouTube clip of a cartoon Samari, who was trying to meditate, but a pesky fly kept landing on his face. He starts to get irritated, than furious with the fly, takes his sword and slices the fly in half, then both halves morph in to a fly, he starts swinging wildly, each time, he kills a fly, two more takes it's place. Finally, he sees a painting of a quiet nature scene and meditates, and the insane buzzing slowly stops. Then they discussed methods to ACCEPTS skills.

    Pushing Away

    To me, it is mainly coping skills you can use when you are stressed. I know I let Difficult Child stress me out when she is stressed. Trying to let her own her own problems.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Every time I attempt to kill a "fly", I end up with two of them. Great picture.
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    Radical acceptance is what its called. I love it.