Defective products!


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I don't get it. I bought one of those under the counter lcd/dvd TVs. I've been wanting one since we moved into this house a year and a half ago. husband told me to go ahead and get it after the holidays were over. My b-day is coming up and so I got it for that. The price of them has come down considerably.

Anyway, we had one of those cabinets that had a dish rack (to store the dishes sideways) where I wanted the tv. I have two of those cabinets and didn't really want both anyway so husband took the dish rack thingy out so he could install this thing. Within a week, the screen went white. difficult child managed to play with the remote and get it back on, but it went out again.

I called Walmart, they had three more in the back. Why they aren't out on the shelved is beyond me. It's a wonder this Walmart stays in business. They never re-stock! I went through the motions of making sure I wasn't going to be given a hard time about returning this expensive product since I only bought it a few weeks ago and I just didn't feel like dealing with the typical attitudes that are known to this Walmart. I do the deed with no problems.

I get home and go to re-install the new one. I get three of the four screws in and I said to myself "I better plug this in and make sure it works before I do the fourth" Guess what? The stupid thing doesn't even power on! WTH?????

I called the manufacturer. I was livid. The woman who answered was very nice and offered to exchange it, since I didn't want to take a channce on takin home one of the other ones in the store. This company has sold thousands of these. How is it that I got two defective ones in a row? This is just my luck. I was so happy that I got to finally catch up on the news on a regular basis or watch the Food Network. I'm always in the kitchen or the kids have the monopoly on the tv. They were told they were not allowed to touch that tv.

Last year, I bought a dvd recorder and it was defective. The store didn't have anymore left. It was a special and a really good price. At least I still had the box for this one.

Ever notice that expensive products always break down about a week after the warranty is up?

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I hate when something doesn't work as advertised!!!! I hate that a store would try to sell you an additional warranty - don't they have confidence in their products?

Loth, sorry you got 2 duds in a row. I hope the next one works better. by the way, I gave up on the under the cabinet stuff. I put up a corner shelf for a 9 inch television & my radio is on another shelf in the kitchen.


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Yuppers to the "break down just after warranty expires". Just when through this with my satellite. I purchased the dish and two recievers instead of renting. First mistake. Second mistake, not purchasing extended warranty. My reciever was not touch, dropped, moved, bumped, nothing. Just stopped working. Exactly 7 days following the warranty expiring. I was just livid as there is no reason for a piece of electronic equipment to just die out a year after purchase when I know nothing happened to it. It just sits inside a little nook in my t.v. cabinet without ever being touched. I was so ticked off!!!
I hope that your new one works for you!! What a PIA to have it happen to the replacement product as well!!!


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Yep. If I can find it for cheap, I buy it for cheap. I seem to have better luck that way.

A couple yrs back wallie world was selling these vcr/dvd players. easy child was working service desk. She said 95% were returned defective. UGH Same with the box fans they had in stock that yr. I got lucky and the vcr/dvd player I bought as well as the box fans worked. (I also waited til they got another shipment)

Not all of it is the stores or manufactures fault. Some blame lies in how it was handled in transport from point A to point B. If you ever watch that in action, you'd wonder how anything mechanical works properly. :hammer:

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One year H bought me the under the cabinet CD/Radio player for the kitchen - I absolutely LOVED listening to my favorite CD's while cooking! Until the CD player started to skip for no apparent reason. I've tried cleaning it, to no avail - I have no idea what's wrong with it, but now all I have is the radio, which stinks because I constantly have to change channels; kind of killed the whole idea of having a CD player in the kitchen with me, Know what I mean??

H recently bought me a brand spanking new top of the line vacuum cleaner; a canister so it's easy on my back, etc. I love it, I really do. I just with the front wheel would spin correctly so it doesn't keep falling on it's side when I round the corners of my house. Ugh. Nothing is worth the money anymore - sometimes I think it is better to buy cheap and disposable!

Sorry you got bums twice in a row!