Deficits Underlying Social Skills Weaknesses

Discussion in 'General Parenting Archives' started by Sheila, Jun 3, 2004.

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    Alisha, I tried the first site and it didn't go through. Is it me?? Wouldn't be surprised! DDD
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    Do I live in The Twilight Zone?? Your site popped
    up when I tried to access a site on another post.
    Geez.....this modern world is stressful! LOL DDD
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    DDD: It's the correct url. It's a lengthy paper and takes a few minutes to download (course I don't have DSL lol).

    with-the internet, it is a really small world. lol
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    whew...long and a little wordy but tons of info.

    i liked the reference to ADHD kids and social skills--"they're not clueless, they're cueless".

    and on kids having to always be compensating for their deficits and how exhausting that is for them...They make up their own "Software" and novel situations arise making it undependable and then causing anxiety...

    thanks --sonja
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    Lots of info on AS in this paper. Thanks, Alisha. The following describes my difficult child.

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    Ditto what Elise said