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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    is a huge disney star. difficult child and i watch her alot on her new show, camp rock, etc. she admitted herself today to a hospital for an eating disorder and cutting.

    sad stuff. she admitted a while back on an interview how bullying in school was so bad that she had to be homeschooled and it caused alot of anxiety and she struggled for years with-eating disorders and self injurous behaviors.

    these kids that are so sensitive that are difficult child's truly have such talent, just like my difficult child and im sure many on this board, yet they can't handle what it takes to be in the light to be able to share their talent. alot of them due to their sensitivity and being different do get bullied and made fun of in school because they dont' fit into the "cool crowd".

    it's just sad. an amazing kid it seems and she's such an awesome singer so sick like that. difficult child was shocked to hear they share a disorder.
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    I read about her as well. I'm not really sure who she is as my kids always say "That's Selena Gomez" when I think it's Demi Lovato. I did look her up on IMBD and was surprised to learn that her (half, same mom) sister is the child who plays the very chubby daughter of Gabby and Carlos on Desperate Housewives. The mom was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or some such in the 80's. Regardless, she's just a young girl and I hope that she gets some peace and recovery in her life, same as I hope for you and your little girl.
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    I read about her as well. I was thinking to share it with difficult child, as difficult child is reluctant to admit that there is any problem or that she needs help. I thought that showing her an example of someone that she watches seeking help might be a support to her.

    I do feel for Demi and her family. They may have more money resources to deal with issues but are also under a tremendous amount of pressure. I certainly wish that no yound person had to deal with issues this hard
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    it is sad and money wont' help this thing she's got. i too was surprised to learn her sister is in desperate housewives that cute little girl.