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    It was a bad week including difficult child, but that's another post.
    Was looking over bank statement and noticed two paypal charges. Tried to call paypal and they won't give me any information unless I give them my credit card (debit card)number. I tell them my name, city, zip, dates of birth everything but they will not tell me anything without the debit card number...
    Apparently difficult child used husband's debit card to buy items for an online game. So, even if I had husband's card number (didn't when I called) they said they are only a service I would have to contact the vendor...Runescape. Well, someone stole my son's account, changed the password and he has no way to log on. There is no way to contact Runescape through there website. I even tried creating an account for myself and then contacting them, but there is no way to do that. I did buy a two months subscription for difficult child after second quarter because he had straight A's and was doing great at that point. Now I am concerned that whoever stole his account will renew the subscription since our information is on there. I tried to cancel the subscription, but you must logon to the account you want to cancel..Can't logon because someone changed the password!
    Had my followup with Dr. since every joint in my body hurts and I cannot move. They took nine tubes of blood two weeks ago. Everything normal. Dr. doesn't know.
    In August of 2005 my then job sent me to the hospital because my elbows were swollen up. (warehouse job that I worked for 18 months between jobs) I lifted 8 - 12 hours a day everyday. Well, I told the hospital that both elbows hurt, but the right elbow was the worst. (right handed). They sent me to the doctor, therapy, cortisone shots (both elbows). Workmans comp sent me to their own private dr. who stated both elbows were work related. Had some medical term as to what was wrong. In February of 2006 I had a cortisone shot in the left and surgery on the right. Then had followup on right for post op. Then had a functionary test to see what % was disabled. Dr. said it would take one full year for it to completely heal and that would be the best it would ever be. So January of this year the doctor closed my case on my right elbow, I was sent a small check from workmans comp. I spoke to the lady that I have worked with all along and asked her about my left elbow. Now that the year was up, if my left one started to get worse would I have to open a new claim?? She said, nope, just call us when you want to start treatment. Meanwhile, after that cortisone shot in the left, atrophy (sp) occurred. All the tissue was eaten away and just left my bone sticking out. Which, the nerve runs along the outside of the joint. Well, I have no tissue or muscle covering myjoing anylonger. Dr. said it is rare, but he has seen that happen from cortisone injection. So, I had a biopsy and such, all was ok there. But my whole left elbow area is always bruised just from setting it down on the desk, or when I drive. The last 6 weeks my left elbow hurts so much, I must take my right hand to pick up my left arm. My left hand goes numb, have no strength at all. It has gotten so painful. So I called workmans comp. Well, the lady I worked with is no longer with the company and nobody knows anything about me. It is stated in their dr.'s notes both elbows. However I was told that it has been a year and who know's what I did in that year to injure my elbow myself. So, I went back to my dr. he said he wants an MRI and a nerve test done because of the numbness. He said YES it is work related, all from initial injury, but was always following up on the right elbow after surgery. So, I told him I cannot afford any treatment. He said he will write a letter to workman's comp. (they also made a big issue out of me not working there anylonger) They asked what I do now, that I could of injured myself at my current job. By now, I was really angry, (after talking to paypal, and trying to contact runescape..) This insurance man says "what is it you do now that could be injuring this". I am a computer operator, I monitor batch processing and respond to prompts. I told the man "I sit on my A** for 12 hours a day and once in a while I might pick up the phone." He then says, what about after work..what are you doing then to injure yourself...I told him after I drive 45 minutes to and from work, work 12 hours, I usually SLEEP.
    Then, the mail comes. IRS sent us a letter regarding 2005 taxes and how there was an error and we owe them $4300 from 2005. They didn't mention 2006 taxes where we owe $600. We also still owe the state $1500 from 2005. That was the year when after both of us losing our jobs, starting over, taking any piddly job to eat...finally I had to take out my 401K to try to pay some bills, and to get a car so I could find a job in my field. I knew I would have to drive. I went to HR block to ask about that, they wouldn't help me. We were also in a middle of bankrupcy. I did list it 401K as income, but didn't know where to list it for early withdrawl..hardship. So, last year we actually recieved a return. Now they say we owe $4300 for that year. In hindsight, I would not of taken out 401K to try to pay bills since we ended up in bankrupcy anyway. But we had to get a car. I was driving 100 miles a day. We live pay day to pay day, and mortgage is usually late. Just starting to get on our feet (recently changed jobs 70 miles a day closer and better pay) but we started out so far in the hole. Now what is going to happen. I am now afraid we may end up losing our house.

    Well, that was my last three days. I am really scared. Sorry so long, but have no one to talk to, so I vent here.
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    no wonder you are scared and depressed. that is a lot to handle. sometimes just saying you are scared and depressed makes you at least feel better. start slow:
    you have a life and body. you live. no one can take that. so as long as you live, there are options and scenarios that can come up that you have no idea are in the works. solutions can unfold that you have not thought of.

    my older son is 29 and filed bankruptcy two yrs ago. it was a good thing. his debt disappeared. he had to move back in with me and start fresh. he had a crappy car. he sold that and I cosigned a loan for his new one. he is responsible to pay that and it is automatically taken from his acct and put mine to pay it. he works. he sold some other stuff he had including a off road 4 wheeler yesterday. he is getting back on his feet. he has fried his own credit for a while. but he has a life and body and a future. he is a police officer. he never misses work and is now taking all the overtime they give him to catch up again.

    ant lost his identity last week when he was kidnapped and robbed at gun point. if they want to use it they are in for a big surprise. his credit is fried, he is on probation, and he has a bad rep.

    you do not have to contact runescape. contact the debit card issuer and tell them you do not authorize any pyts to them anymore. period.
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    I feel for you - especially since I've read a couple of your other posts and relate to a lot of what you have said. My son outdoes me on the computer all the time and plays runescape, along with other things. i'm going to ask him if he knows anyway around the password issue. i'll let you know if he can find anything, ok?
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    this is what my son suggests:

    Did your son ever have any recovery questions set up. If so go to and click on recover a locked account and answer the questions they supply. If he did not have any recovery questions or when he was finished filling out the form and it says you did not give enough info then click continue and follow the info from there. If you follow their path it will send runescape an e-mail and may take up to a mounth to fix.

    hope this helps.
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    The runescape issue is that someone from online gave my son the account, password and such. told him he could have the account because he didn't want to play anylonger. (I did not know this until recently). Well, My son used this boys account since it had a paid subscription. When the subscription was about to run son renewed it with my knowledge. (I renewed it for two months, thinking it was my son's account). Now, I find out that he never changed the password the other boy gave him. He didn't have security questions, just took the password from the other boy. Now that difficult child has a paid subscription, and he used PAYPAL to buy things (husband allowed this with his card, but nobody told me) Also, when difficult child did this he did it twice, so there are two charges on my account. Then when he has all these things on runescape, the account disappears, password is changed and I am upset. difficult child should of told me what was going on before I renewed a subscription. I don't play those games, I assumed it was his own. Now I am afraid that all my bank information is in that account. There is no contact information for runescape. you have to log on to your account. Well...don't have one. So, I created a free one for myself and sent an email. They respond saying I must give them the userid and password. If I knew that information I wouldn't be writing. I asked for a phone number to speak to someone. Their email said they do not offer any type of phone support. I must go to the bank and have no paypal debits go through. But when I signed up for the subscription, I used an online check. I will have to pay the bank a visit.
    Just warning any runescape users...there is no way to contact them if something goes wrong.