Detachment and NO prayers of this sort


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So, I've been pretty detached about my son's bio-gma sending me an outrageous text last week. But I still have it on my phone.
She says that Jesus can heal everything and psychiatrists and medication are the work of the devil. All we have to do is pray and it will all be better.
Hey, gma, if Difficult Child weren't on lithium right now, he'd be on the front page of the paper like one of those shooters.
Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
I did not respond to a single comment of hers about her theology. I just thanked her for her concern.:angry-very::mad::confused:o_O:poop:
P.S. During an adoption Christmas party 18 yrs ago, she pulled me aside and told me she was jealous that her daughter had chosen us as parents instead of her. I'm thinking that her daughter knew what she was doing.


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My answer to this line of rhetoric has always been, "Yes, I prayed and God saw to it and bestowed the gift of healing and pharmacology on some humans.