"Deterioration of functioning"

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    I saw my therapist today- this is only the third time so it's all still pretty new. She's a psychologist (phd) with a background/specialty in ptsd, trauma, depression, anxiety and did part of her internship at psychiatric hospital for kids and Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    She knows more about the "system" around here then some. She told me today that usually all we hear is that a kid gets admitted to psychiatric hospital when determined to be an imminent danger to self or others, but that there is a third way to get them admitted. She said most people don't talk about it but it's when the kid is declared to have "deterioration of functioning". She said she thought difficult child would more than qualify. I don't really think that solves our problems, but I thought I'd throw this out for general info to others and see if anyone else has heard of this or has experience with admittance on these grounds.

    She said it's used when a person is psychotic, BiPolar (BP) manic, and like if someone is lurking around claiming to be the Messiah, etc...
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    Interesting-I've never hear of this.
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    That is interesting. It could have fit why my difficult child was admitted last Fall. He was "falling apart" and deterioration of functioning would perfectly fit him. Because his anxiety was so deep, he was becoming physically unable to function. His fear was paralyzing him. It was like he was shutting down.

    I would describe it that daily care chores are very difficult to accomplish or are not being done - when someone stops taking care of themselves - but parents take care of kids so it is harder to meet. It would be when a person just stops normal living activities? We see this in kids as refusals - school refusal, personal care refusal, refusing to leave the house, ect.

    He had self harm thoughts but no intention of acting on them - in fact, he was fighting them. So, they could have admitted him as a danger to himself but I don't know.

    I was so upset myself that I didn't understand which criteria was met for admission but I knew he was getting help. I got the feeling that the psychiatric hospital was snatching a neglected child from a terrible mom and nurturing him back to health. I was treated with respect so I am sure the self doubt was all my own doing.
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    Never heard of this but I like that this therapist is an insider and could provide another avenue of help!
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    Also never heard of it. Glad to know if the situation arises.
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    Well she sounds like she might be better help than the others.
    It's a start!
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    hey- she's for me!! I found one already for difficult child that he likes and I'm happy with! I'm keeping her for myself!!
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    Hmmmm. Don't believe I've heard of that before. That could actally be of great benefit.


    P.S. I understand you wanted to keep her to yourself!!!!
  9. I think this falls in line with where my difficult child is right now. I had never heard the term either but it does definitely fit what is going on with him.
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    It would be a great thing if this actually can be used, but keep in mind, I'm not sure if it means typical insurance companies would pay for the psychiatric hospital stay. I asked therapist about that and she said she wasn't sure but if it qualified a person to be admitted by the attending psychiatrist, then the ins. should cover it. Also, I wonder if it might vary from state to state.
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    Interesting therapist, interesting idea. :)

    I'm so glad it's going well for you. Lord knows, you need it right now. You have to stay strong and focused. {{hugs}}