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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Shari

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    Wee difficult child had a follow up with the developmental pediatrician today. She's in favor of bringing the psychiatrist back in and wants an update as soon as we see her, which is next Thursday (behavior therapist got is in on an urgent appointment because of the comments he's made).She wants to add a very small dose of Tennex into the miz to slow him down a little, and maybe just prn, she's ok with my judgement to do that.
    We'll see her again every 6 weeks, more often if needed, til wee man is more stable again.
    On a personal note, I think I feel myself resigning. doctor made the comment she hadn't heard from me (via email) so she thought things were good. "Good" they are not, but I didn't email her because I didn't think there was much more help she could offer, so I just "accepted" this. I got more "good mommy" kudos today, but they just don't feel good at all. I feel like I'm failing, big time. Never thought I'd feel "resigned" in this fight.
    I think mommy needs some help, here.
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    I can relate to that "resigning" feeling. You are not failing at all. You are doing a great job with a very difficult situation. Please do something nice for yourself tonight, be sure you are taking care of you! Gentle hugs to you.
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    Hey, Shari, you are a warrior mom dealing with much on your plate! As is often mentioned on this board, dealing with difficult children is a marathon, not a sprint. It's important not to get burned out.

    I just read your post about wee difficult child spiraling. I could really relate to your feelings about worry and guilt. It is truly a daily challenge to have a child with a hidden disability. The psychological stress can be overwhelming! Just the inner struggle -worried about difficult child, then comparing him to others who "have it worse" to feeling guilt that he is "better" than so many others, but you still worry about him, to then thinking" But he DOES have a powerful disability that Does impact daily living!"

    All your feelings are valid and have been experienced by moms of difficult children. Add the difficulties with husband, money, and throw additional difficult children into the mix and you can see why you have roller coaster feelings of fear, guilt, resgnation.

    The important thing is to keep YOU strong and healthy and for each person, it could mean different things. What is it that you are passionate about? Can you fit some" horse therapy" into your life right now? Whatever it is that helps YOU, please find some time to do it.