Diagnosis (update on sick difficult child)


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I received a call from *gasp* the actual doctor at the juvenile facility. I was not expecting to hear from the doctor until next week. He is only there 2 times a month.

It has been confirmed that difficult child has the Epstein-Barr virus. That + a change in medications. caused the stomach pain, vomiting, and significant weight loss.

I feel better now that I know what it is. It's funny that no matter the age or how frustrated or mad I can be with any of my grown kids when they get sick, I feel the need to nurse them back to health.


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A mother's heart. I've learned that those 3 words explain so many different things. I hope now that they know what is going on with your difficult child that they can help him and he feels better soon. Hope you do too. Sending hugs.


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Pasajes4 --- A mother's heart is a beautiful thing. Just make sure you protect your heart, too. :) Sending all best wishes to you that your difficult child is feeling better soon. Take care!


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So glad you got some answers! I hope difficult child gets to feeling better soon. If he's anything like my difficult child she is mean when she is sick. I call her the grizzly bear! LOL


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Thanks for the update. I hope you are feeling a lot better now too. Do something wonderful for yourself Pasa, this stuff takes us out.........renew yourself.........sending warm wishes..........


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Thank you for your kind responses. He was able to call for a few minutes today. A very kind medical staffer allowed him to use the phone at the nurses station. He said he has been sleeping almost round the clock and was getting fluids by IV. He had been severely dehydrated. He is on a liquid diet until he can keep it down.

I am doing better. My anxiety is way down. I took my mother to a renovated brewery for dinner and a stroll around the grounds. I will be going to Austin in the morning for a fun day with my daughter and the grands.