Did anybody see the news clip


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Of the rich brat freaking out because her parents bought her a brand new car for her birthday and it was RED not BLUE? UG! What a Witch! That girl needs to go join the peace corps and work with the poor of the world. As a matter of fact if I were her parents I would write it into the will that she not get a cent until she did 5 years of serving others. -RM


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It was on the news last night that it is not a real clip at all; it is an advertisement for some Pizza Place. They are all actors. But it is so disgusting I fail to see why it would get anybody to buy anything.


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There is a regular show called "Sweet Sixteen" that shows
the most outlandish birthday celebrations for 16 year olds
that you can imagine. Each show the kid gets a new VERY expensive car........and almost always they do not even have
a license to drive yet!

I've seen "sweet" birthday girls tell their Moms very vulgar
things. It's bizarre. DDD


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this was a commercial running in our market before thanksgiving & up until the holidays. not seen it since then.