Did anyone else panic when difficult child was in psychiatric hospital?


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I know, I know, I know, I shouldn't even care that she is in there after all that she has done to me.....but I feel like my baby got taken away from me and it makes me panic because I don't know when she is coming home. I know she must feel so alone and it can't feel good to be in one of those places. I am seriously about to start sobbing. I've been feeling like this since 12:00 this afternoon, but now only had the guts to post this.


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GM...she can't be taken away from you because s he doesn't belong to you anymore. She's a woman, not your baby. Try to breathe slowly (I read that if t he breath drives your body, it calms it down! It works!)

Nothing will happen to your daughter that is bad. Don't be afraid to post anything, please. She is your daughter, no matter what she did to you, however I've been in psychiatric hospitals way before they were as good as they are now and all three times I had extremely good experiences. I learned a lot about myself (and others) and it drove me to help myself. Nobody is going to give her ECT against her will.

I looked at those YouTube mental hospital videos and they were nowhere near my experience and I doubt many peoples experiences. Mostly, you just wear street clothing, go to therapy, get medication (you can refuse it) and are offered options, which your daughter may refuse to take. However, this is NOTHING to worry about. You can call me if you are afraid. I was in a psychiatric hospital for ten weeks...one of the best experiences of my life. Nobody experimented on me. They were oh-so-kind to me and allowed me to read, read, read psychiatric texts and learn a lot. One nurse let me sleep in the lobby on one night I had bad anxiety and she held my hand. This was a university hosptial in a bad neighborhood.

When my drug user daughter tried to kill herself and spent three weeks in the hospital, it didn't even cross my mind to be afraid because she was there.

You relax, enjoy the peace, and take one step at a time :) We are here.


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Having visited multiple facilities with my mom I can tell you they aren't nearly as bad as people think. Sure there are a few people in a fog. Sure there is someone pissed at the world screaming. Then again there are a lot of normal acting people who just need some help.

When you think about it it really isn't much different than any other hospital ward. A few really sick people a few pissed off or in pain and some that look just fine. Heck I live in a neighborhood with just about one of each. Except the normal ones. Lol

You and she will be fine.